How To Order Coffee At Starbucks? (Correct answer)

When you order, say the size you want first, then give the name of the drink, and finally add the special instructions last. Example basic coffee order: “I would like a tall decaf coffee with room.”


What is the proper way to order at Starbucks?

To make things easier for your barista, here’s the recommended sequence to follow while ordering your drink:

  1. Temperature. First, specify whether you want your drink hot or iced.
  2. Size. There’s a reason why Starbucks drink sizes aren’t simply small, medium and large.
  3. Syrups.
  4. Milk.
  5. Customizations.
  6. Type of drink.

How do you order a Starbucks coffee like a pro?

How to Order Starbucks like a Pro: 11 Things Baristas Wish You

  1. How to order Starbucks like a pro.
  2. The sizing is tall, grande, and venti.
  3. Double blended is not a thing.
  4. Don’t ask for extra caramel.
  5. Non-fat milk makes horrible foam.
  6. Don’t order a latte without foam.
  7. It’s ‘espresso’ not ‘expresso’

What should a beginner order at Starbucks?

If You’re a Coffee Drinker

  • – Iced Coffee with/without Milk.
  • – Nitro Cold Brew with/without Sweet Cream.
  • – Cafe Mocha (Iced or not)
  • – Vanilla Latte (Iced or not)
  • – Caramel Macchiato.
  • – Cappuccino.
  • – Any Frappuccino (you can add a shot of espresso to any of them)
  • – The Refreshers.

What is the most ordered coffee at Starbucks?

The Top 10 Most Popular Starbucks Drinks Ranked

  • Vanilla Latte.
  • Iced White Chocolate Mocha.
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte.
  • Cinnamon Roll Frappuccino® Blended Coffee.
  • Java Chip Frappuccino®
  • Hot Chocolate.
  • Green Tea Crème Frappuccino® Blended Crème.
  • Chai Latte.

How do you read a Starbucks label?

9 times out of 10, it’s the first letter of each word in the drink.

  1. Latte = L.
  2. Cappuccino = C.
  3. Flat White = FW.
  4. Caramel Macchiato = CM.
  5. Espresso = E.
  6. Passion Tea Lemonade = PTL.
  7. Mocha Frappuccino = MF.
  8. Vanilla Bean Frappuccino = VBF.

What do you say when ordering coffee?

Example Phrases for How to Order Coffee in English I’d like a coffee to go. (I want just a regular coffee – no milk or sugar – to take with me out of the coffee shop.) Can I get a cafe latte for here please? (I want to stay here in the coffee shop to drink my latte.) I’ll have a skinny cappuccino.

What coffee do you order at Starbucks?

8 Coffee Orders to Switch up Your Starbucks Routine

  • Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte. Source: Starbucks.
  • Iced London Fog. Source: Starbucks.
  • Iced Matcha Tea Latte. Source: Starbucks.
  • Miel Latte. Source: Starbucks.
  • Flat White. Source: Starbucks.
  • Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew.
  • Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte.
  • Nitro Cold Brew with Sweet Cream.

What does upside down latte mean?

This term is especially popular with the famous caramel macchiato, which starts with vanilla syrup and ends with caramel. If a drink is ordered upside-down, this means the recipe for it is reversed.

What is a good starter coffee?

If you’re a beginner who wants to start drinking coffee, we recommend trying a cappuccino, latte, café Americano, or mocha first. The best coffees for beginners are the:

  • latte/iced latte.
  • cappuccino.
  • cafè Americano.
  • mocha.

How do I start to like coffee?

How To Start Liking Coffee (A Coffee Beginner’s Cheatsheet)

  1. Soften The Bitter Taste.
  2. Coffee Cakes and Coffee Ice Creams.
  3. Choose The Right Roast.
  4. Go For Single-Origin Coffee.
  5. Pair The Coffee With A Snack.
  6. Practice Smelling The Coffee.
  7. Add Natural Flavors.
  8. Look Out For Coffee Rituals.

What does extra wet mean at Starbucks?

The experience will be akin to a macchiato, but with a little more foam. Super Wet — Typically means you want zero foam and all steamed milk. This extra-liquid beverage starts to resemble a Flat White more than a Cappuccino.

What is the most popular drink in Starbucks 2021?

17 Most Popular Starbucks Drinks (Most Loved Drinks Of All Time)

  • 1.1 1. Brewed Coffee.
  • 1.2 2. Caffe Latte.
  • 1.3 3. Pumpkin Spice Latte.
  • 1.4 4. Caramel Macchiato.
  • 1.5 5. Caffe Mocha.
  • 1.6 6. Cappuccino.
  • 1.7 7. Caffe Americano.
  • 1.8 8. Hot Chocolate.

What is a black coffee called at Starbucks?

What Is Starbucks Espresso? Starbucks Espresso shots with hot water may also be called black coffee (though baristas refer to this as an Americano ), and has a rich flavor with a natural sweet, caramel taste.

What is the best Starbucks drink 2021?

10 Best Drinks on the Starbucks Secret Menu to Try in 2021

  • Chocolate Mousse Coldbrew.
  • Winnie-the-Pooh Frappuccino.
  • Baby Yoda Frappuccino.
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberry.
  • Butterbeer Drinks.
  • Purple Drink.
  • Medicine Ball.
  • Dirty Chai.

How to Order Coffee at Starbucks

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Ordering Basic Coffee

In order to get a standard cup of coffee, you will need to tell the waitress whether you want normal or decaffeinated coffee in addition to stating the size you like. They will presume that you want normal coffee if you do not specify decaf. If you want to add cream or milk to your coffee, use the phrase “with space for cream” or “with room for milk.” Some servers will automatically leave room; if you want a full cup, tell the server that you do not want room. Starbucks’ standard cup of coffee is a medium roast called Pike Place, but the company now provides a variety of different flavors and roasts.

If you are very concerned about the freshness of your coffee, you might inquire before placing your purchase, “When was the coffee brewed?” If it has been a long time since your last cup of coffee, they may offer to prepare a new batch for you; however, you will have to wait a few minutes for the new batch to boil.

When placing an order, state the size you want first, followed by the name of the drink and lastly any additional instructions.

Ordering Specialty Hot Coffee Drinks

Starbucks offers a variety of hot specialty coffee drinks, including espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos, among others. It is possible to alter the final three of these depending on the fat level of the milk as well as the amount of espresso shots used, as well as whether or not they include caffeine. Specify the amount of fat in the milk by using the terms whole, reduced fat (2 percent), or thin (non-fat). By specifying whether you want a single, double, or triple shot of espresso, you may make your drink exactly as you like it.

Tall drinks are typically made with one shot.

Example of a speciality hot coffee drink order: “I’d like a long skinny latte with a double shot,” says the customer.

Ordering a Frappuccino®:

Starbucks sells a variety of blended cold coffee beverages, which they refer to as Frappuccinos®, that are made in-house. Almost all of these flavored speciality beverages can be personalized in the same manner as specialized hot coffee drinks may be adjusted. But be aware that Starbucks adds the term “light” to the names of cold beverages that are manufactured with nonfat milk, such as the “Caramel Frappuccino® Light,” to distinguish them from regular drinks.

See the sign above the serving counter for a list of the many types of food that are being served there. Example of a Frappuccino® order: “I’d like a large decaf Mocha Frappuccino® Light,” says the customer.

This Is How to Order at Starbucks Like a Regular

If you’re not a frequent customer of Starbucks, placing an order from this coffee company might be a little frightening. Remembering all of the specifics for your drink is difficult enough—and on top of that, there is a proper manner to place your order, which may be confusing. Whatever you want from Starbucks, whether it’s a plain Pike Place coffee or a secret menu Frap with all the toppings, there’s a proper way to order. Here are some facts that Starbucks baristas will not tell you about their company.

The Starbucks Drink Ordering Sequence

In order to make things easier for your barista, the following is the suggested order in which to place your drink order:


In the first instance, say whether you would like your drink hot or iced. This specifies which type of cup your barista will use to begin processing your order.


There’s a good reason why Starbucks’ drink sizes aren’t only divided into small, medium, and large portions. Please do not request a “small” or a “regular” in this establishment! You’ll want to speak in the Starbucks jargon, which is:

  • A short cup is 8 ounces
  • A tall cup is 12 ounces
  • A Grande cup is 16 ounces
  • Venti (Hot) is 20 ounces
  • Venti (Cold) is 24 ounces. (The additional space is needed to accommodate the ice.) The Trenta weighs 31 ounces.

Finally, following the quantity and temperature, add all of the extras that make your Starbucks order stand out from the crowd:


You may sweeten your drink by adding a dash of sugar to it. Vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, chestnut praline, and more delectable tastes are available. Simply inform the barista of the number of pumps you want.


Nonfat, 1 percent, whole, half-and-half, and heavy cream are the only milk options available at the moment. Nondairy alternatives such as almond milk, coconut milk, and soy milk are also available upon request.


This is the stage at which you may completely customise your drink by adding or deleting ingredients and making any other alterations that you like. You might, for example, ask for light ice, caramel drizzle, or additional foam in your drink. If you request a “slim” drink, you’ll receive nonfat milk, sugar-free syrups, and no whipped cream, among other things. If you decide to go that way, here are some healthy Starbucks beverages that we recommend.

Type of drink

Specify the sort of beverage you would like: latte, macchiato, mocha, or anything your heart wants.

Ready to Order?

Your order should be something along the lines of “iced grande skinny vanilla latte” or “tall hot chocolate with soy milk and no whip” or anything similar. Everything begins with the amount and warmth of your drink, with the rest falling into place. If all of this sounds excellent to you, then congrats! The time has come for you to discover how to order from the Starbucks hidden menu. Editor’s Recommendation: Ordering with the Starbucks mobile app is recommended if you are a Starbucks Rewards member.

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Using this method, you may order a customized drink without having to worry about saying the name out.

Now that you’re ready to place your order, take a look at these low-carb Starbucks food alternatives that will make a delicious accompaniment to your favorite beverage. Avoid the stress by finding a Starbucks-inspired drink recipe to make at home. Jamie Thrower writes for Taste of Home magazine.

Inspired by: Gingerbread Loaf

I prepared a Starbucks-inspired gingerbread loaf that will be the ideal complement to my Christmas baking this season. It’s excellent with a cup of coffee, especially when topped with a thick coating of icing. — Risa Lichtman, a resident of Portland, Oregon

Inspired by: Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha

With this caramel mocha recipe, you may have a drink that is comparable to that of a café. With whipped cream and a sprinkling of butterscotch, this dessert will liven up even the most slumbering member of the table’s party. —Taste of Home Cooking Demonstration Kitchen

Inspired By: Starbucks Coconut Creme Frappuccino Blended Creme

Because I enjoy frozen beverages, I set out to design one that was comparable to those seen in coffee shops but did not contain any coffee as an ingredient. My frosty treat tastes just as nice as any specialty shop beverage, but without the inconvenience or the expense of going to a speciality shop. Emily Semmelrock of Jewett City, Connecticut, contributed to this article. Molly Allen writes for Taste of Home magazine.

Inspired by: Cranberry Bliss Bars

With this step-by-step copycat recipe, you can make Starbucks cranberry bliss bars whenever you want, wherever you are. It creates a full pan of bars that are virtually identical to the genuine thing. Holly Allen of Hood River, Oregon, sent in this message:

Inspired By: Starbucks Iced Lemon Pound Cake

This love-me-tender lemon loaf cake is a family favorite, and everyone requests for it. I like to mix things up and use the batter to create cupcakes every now and then. This would be fantastic for brunch! “I’m from Winnebago, Minnesota,” Lola Baxter says.

Inspired By: Starbucks Berry Trio Yogurt

You’re expecting brunch guests, but you’re short on time. My parfaits are the ideal option since they are fast, delicious, and visually appealing. Feel free to experiment with different combinations of berries. • Lisa Speer (Palm Beach, Florida) says

Inspired By: Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino

Christmas and the holidays are my favorite times of the year, and this spiced pumpkin drink is one of the many reasons why I like this time of year so much. If you don’t have access to a coffee machine, you may substitute instant coffee by increasing the strength. KATHIE PEREZ (East Peoria, Illinois) writes:

Inspired By: Starbucks Caffe Mocha

When I’m enjoying this excellent coffee, I almost have the impression that I’m in my favorite café. • Jill Rodriguez from Gonzales, Louisiana • Nancy Mock writes for Taste of Home magazine.

Inspired by: Cheese Danish

A warm cup of coffee or tea goes perfectly with the flaky layers of laminated dough and a sweet, cheese filling in the heart of this traditional Danish pastry. It’s just as good for breakfast as it is for a late-night snack in between meals. Nancy Mock, of Colchester, Vermont, sent this response.

Inspired By: Starbucks Iced Caffe Latte

Danishes are a perfect accompaniment to hot coffee or tea due to the flaky layers of laminated dough and sweet, cheese filling in the center. For breakfast or a late-night snack, it’s as as delectable as it is for dessert. Nancy Mock, of Colchester, Vermont, provided the following statement: ”

Inspired By: Starbucks Cranberry Orange Scone

These scones are moist and delicious, and they turn out perfectly every time.

The crunchy dried cranberries and sweet orange glaze are my favorite parts of this dessert. When you serve these wonderful scones warm with the exquisite orange butter, there’s nothing better than the experience. Indy, Indiana resident Karen McBride writes:

Inspired By: Starbucks Pumpkin Bread

Skip the line and make your own Starbucks pumpkin bread in your own kitchen instead of waiting in line. Even better than the original, this copycat dish could be even better! — Taste of HomeTest Kitchen (in English)

Inspired By: Starbucks TurkeyHavarti Sandwich

This isn’t your typical sandwich, believe it or not! The combination of chutney with chopped peanuts is a favorite of many people. Making this dish when I have guests in the afternoon or at night after a game of cards is a favorite of mine. In Stratford, Ont., Agnes Ward writes:

Inspired By: Starbucks Hot Chocolate

Unlike your typical sandwich, this one is filled with flavor! The combination of chutney with chopped peanuts is a favorite of many people throughout the world. In the afternoon or at night after a game of cards, I prefer to create this dish for guests I’m hosting. In Stratford, Ont., Agnes Ward says

Inspired By: Starbucks Chai Latte

The chai my wife enjoys is delicious, but I’ve never been pleased with any of the store-bought blends, so I made my own from scratch. Justin Weber, a resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Inspired By: Starbucks Chocolate Chunk Muffin

muffins are among my favorite baked goods, and these are among the greatest. I usually have some in the freezer for when I need a quick breakfast on the go. Putting one in the microwave before I leave the house is a good idea. Kelly Kirby is the author of this piece. Westville is a town in Nova Scotia.

Inspired By: Starbucks Banana Nut Bread

Due to the popularity of this fast bread among my family, I make it a point to keep enough of ripe bananas on hand for it. I’m confident that your family will like this delicious, nutty bread as much as my family does. Susan Jones, of La Grange Park, Illinois, provided this testimonial.

Inspired By: Starbucks Peppermint Mocha

Share a minty mocha with friends and family beneath the mistletoe or around the piano to brighten the season. I’ve also used coffee liqueur for the peppermint in this recipe. — Lauren Brien-Wooster of South Lake Tahoe, California, was the subject of this article.

Inspired By: Starbucks Egg Salad Sandwich

The versatility of this creamy egg salad is something I appreciate. Serve it on a bed of mixed greens, tucked into a sandwich, or with your favorite crisp crackers for a delicious appetizer. —Cynthia Kohlberg, of Syracuse, in the United States

Inspired By: Starbucks Everything Bagel with Cheese

This creamy egg salad is really versatile, and I adore it! Serve it over a bed of mixed greens, wrapped inside a sandwich, or with your favorite crisp crackers for a delicious presentation. Cynthia Kohlberg is from the city of Syracuse, Indiana.

Inspired By: Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino Blended Coffee

Coffee ice cubes give this delicious drink a boost of energy. You can have it in the morning, noon, or even at night if you dare! — Beverly Coyde lives in the Gasport neighborhood of New York City.

Inspired By: Starbucks Blueberry Scone

I enjoy making this blueberry scone recipe and feeding it to friends and family who come to visit. I usually make sure to have a few extras on hand in the fridge or freezer. It’s as simple as heating up a frozen scone in the microwave for around 20 seconds. — Joan Francis of Spring Lake, New Jersey, sent in this photo.

Inspired By: Starbucks Sausage, CheddarEgg Breakfast Sandwich

Wake up your taste buds with mouth-watering breakfast sandwiches that include spicy sausage, a fluffy egg, tomato, and creamy avocado all heaped high on a flaky croissant and baked to perfection. • Emory Doty, a resident of Jasper, Georgia

Inspired By: Starbucks Classic Whole-Grain Oatmeal

There’s nothing better than waking up to a delicious, ready-to-eat breakfast in the morning. While you sleep, the oats, fruit, and spices in this hearty dinner cook together in the oven. — Valerie Sauber lives in Adelanto, California, and she is a writer.

Inspired By: Starbucks Homestyle ChickenDouble-Smoked Bacon

This delicious chicken breast sandwich is a hit with everyone. Flattening the chicken breasts allows them to cook more quickly, and the mango chutney and other toppings make them taste better than anything you might get at a typical restaurant. In Stratford, Ont., Agnes Ward writes:

Inspired By: Starbucks Caffe Mocha with Cinnamon

The majority of store-bought flavored coffees are prohibitively pricey. A unique early-morning beverage that you may create at home is shown here. The scent of cinnamon and chocolate in this mocha coffee makes it difficult to put down. — Milwaukee, Wisconsin is home to the Taste of Home Test Kitchen.

Inspired By: Starbucks Italian-Style HamSpicy Salami

It’s certain that olive fans will be delighted by this stacked sandwich! Salad subs with salami, ham, and provolone cheese are made in minutes thanks to the use of marinated olives in white wine vinegar and garlic. Doris Christner, of Spooner, Wisconsin, contributed to this article.

Inspired By: Starbucks Roasted TomatoMozzarella Panini

With this sandwich, aficionados of olives will be in their element. Stuffed and ripe olives are marinated in white wine vinegar and garlic before being used to flavor these quick and easy salami, ham, and provolone sub sandwiches. Doris Christner, of Spooner, Wisconsin, provided the following statement:

How to Order at Starbucks

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation When it comes to ordering at Starbucks, a prominent multinational chain of upmarket coffeehouses, those of us who are not coffee experts or Starbucks regulars may find the process frightening. Making your next Starbucks order will be a snap if you have a basic awareness of the criteria for coffee preparation.

  1. Read More About ItRead More About It For those of us who are not coffee experts or Starbucks regulars, ordering at Starbucks, a prominent multinational chain of upmarket coffeehouses, may be scary. Brewing your next coffee order at Starbucks will be a snap if you have a basic awareness of the criteria for coffee making.
  • You should not be scared to ask the barista for advice or assistance if you are unsure of what you want to order. They can provide you with options depending on your drink preferences to assist you in creating a drink that is personalized to your needs
  • Remember to consider whether you want your beverage hot, iced, or blended, as well as the amount of sweetness and caffeine you desire.
  • 2 Select your preferred size. Starbucks is well-known for having sizing that is particular to their brand. Don’t be concerned, bringing the sizes down is simple. A tall is the equivalent of 12oz, a grande is the equivalent of 16oz, and a venti is the equivalent of 20oz in hot and 26oz in iced form. Despite the fact that it is not stated on the menu, all Starbucks shops provide a short drink equivalent to 8oz. Trenta is also available at certain Starbucks stores in the United States for a limited amount of beverages, which is equal to 31 ounces.
  • Select a size from the dropdown menu. Starbucks is well-known for having sizing that is customized to their brand name and location. There is no need to be concerned because shrinking the sizes is simple. Tall coffees are 12oz, grande coffees are 16oz, and venti coffees are 20oz in heated form and 26oz in iced form. Despite the fact that it is not stated on the menu, all Starbucks locations provide a short drink that is equivalent to 8oz in volume. There are a limited amount of Trenta beverages available in Starbucks stores around the United States. Trenta is equal to 31oz.
  • 3 Season with a dash of flavoring. No matter what beverage you order – coffee, tea, or any other – you will always have the option to add sugar or a syrup flavoring to your drink. Adding a flavor will typically result in two additional pumps of syrup, so if you want your drink to be extra sweet, be sure to specify and be prepared to pay a little more. A syrup taste is available at a fee, although sugar is not.
  • Request a flavor menu or inquire with the barista about popular flavors that are currently available if you are unsure of what flavor you want to add. There are thousands of taste options to choose from, so don’t restrict yourself to just “sugar” or “no sugar.” The sugar-free versions of most popular syrup tastes, such as vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut, are available in large quantities. When ordering a drink, ask for one with sugar-free syrup if you are attempting to eat a little more healthfully. When placing your purchase, be sure to inquire about seasonal tastes, since there are several specialized syrups that are only available at certain periods of the year. While pumpkin is readily available throughout the fall and winter months, coconut is frequently available during the summer months in participating places.
  • 4 Select the liquid basis of your choice. Some beverages are prepared using milk as the base, while others are made with water as the foundation. If you have a preference for one over the other, please note this when placing your purchase. Nonfat, 2 percent milk, soymilk, and half-and-half are the most common types of milk to be found at grocery stores. Starbucks also sells a variety of milks, including almond and coconut milk.
  • Any drink may be ordered hot or iced, and various coffee drinks can be combined. If you alter the appearance of your drink, you may find that you must alter the liquid base as well. As an example, blended coffee must be produced using a milk base rather than water in order to get the desired consistency
  • When milk is steamed, it produces a dense, highly aerated froth. This is similar to putting warm whipped milk on top of your drink. If you enjoy foam, you may order your drink with additional foam, or if you don’t, you can request that your drink be served without foam.
  1. 5Take into consideration the caffeine. Caffeine is naturally present in espresso and coffee, as well as in black and green teas. If you want less caffeine in your drink, request half-caf (which has half the typical amount of caffeine) or decaf (which contains none) (with no caffeine). If you want to get a little more energy out of your drink, you may also add a few more shots of coffee.
  1. 1 Prepare a cup of freshly made coffee. This is essentially the same as the basic drip coffee you might make at home, but it is prepared in a variety of flavors. The majority of Starbucks locations have numerous brews brewing at any given time, allowing you to experience a variety of roasts and mixes. An alternative method of brewing coffee is the pour-over, which involves passing hot water through ground coffee. Although this takes longer, it is normally the same price as brewed coffee. Brew coffee is the most affordable and straightforward item on the menu to get. Some stores may additionally feature a Clover machine, which can brew both core roasts and any reserve coffees that are kept on hand
  2. However, this is not common. 2Try a cup of latte. Lattes are a simple espresso beverage that is composed out of steamed milk and espresso shot after shot. Any flavoring may be used in a latte, and any sort of milk can be used in making it as well. Lattes can be served either hot or cold
  3. 3 Try an Americano for a change. As a result of the intense espresso flavor, they are one of the most popular beverages among coffee fans. Americanos are created only from espresso and water, and they include one additional shot of espresso than any other beverage. In the same way that drip coffee may have cream and sugar added, you can add any flavoring you like. 4Try a cappuccino to start. Cappuccinos are similar to lattes in that they are composed primarily of steamed milk and espresso, but cappuccinos have a significant quantity of foam. This implies that your drink will be lighter and fluffier than it will be liquid in consistency. A cappuccino is typically made with approximately equal parts foamed and steamed milk
  4. You can order it “wet” (with little or no foam) or “dry” (with a lot of foam) depending on your preference. Fill in the gaps with any flavors or sugar substitutions you desire
  5. 5Place an order for a caramel macchiato. Macchiato is an Italian word that literally translates as “marked.” It is used to describe the mark of espresso that is poured over the top of the drink rather than being stirred into it in this particular drink. A caramel macchiato is a coffee drink that is created with vanilla syrup, heated milk and froth, espresso, and a drizzle of caramel. Get yourself a mocha. Mochas are lattes (with milk and espresso) that have been enhanced with chocolate. Milk chocolate and white chocolate are the two flavors available in mocha. The former is slightly richer, whilst the latter is significantly sweeter. Mochas are normally served without foam, so if you want yours with a bit more cream on top, ask for it. Consider trying a speciality espresso beverage. If you are a true espresso enthusiast, go ahead and order it straight up! When ordering espresso, specify whether you want a single or double shot, as well as whether you want a modifier. Espresso shots are frequently served in a macchiato style with a dollop of froth, or con panna style with a dab of whipped cream. It is possible that an espresso macchiato will be mistaken with a caramel or latte macchiato
  6. Thus, it is important to mention
  7. 8 Make a request for a cup of tea. If you are not a fan of coffee, you might want to try one of the different teas that are available. The majority of teas are prepared with hot water, however there are a few latte teas that are prepared with milk. These include the ever-popular chai tea (spicy cinnamon flavored tea) and the London fog (also known as the English Breakfast tea) (a sweet vanilla and earl gray tea blend). You may have any tea brewed with milk or water, hot or iced, and whatever flavor you like
  8. 9 Get yourself a frappuccino. Drinks known as frappuccinos are blended beverages that are often mixed with coffee. There are several speciality Frappuccino drinks provided by Starbucks, so inquire with your barista if one you’re interested in is not listed on the menu. Some Frappuccinos, such as the strawberry and cream version, are made without the use of any coffee. These are frequently served with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate or caramel
  9. Ten Other non-coffee beverages should be tried. If you are not a fan of coffee or tea, don’t be concerned
  10. Starbucks offers a variety of alternative beverages that are not caffeinated. You can get hot chocolate, a steamer (milk with a syrup flavoring), or an apple cider if you want something warm. In addition, if you want something cool and devoid of caffeine, you may make lemonade or other smoothies. 11 Please place an order for a drink. You should place your order once you have decided on your coffee and all of the possible variables. Begin with the amount of the drink, followed by the temperature (which is hot by default, even in warm weather), the name, and any modifications you wish to make to the recipe. Ordering a “large chai tea latte with extra froth,” for example, is simple. Don’t be scared to be particular while you’re writing.
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  • Question When changing the type of milk, is there a fee involved? For instance, whole milk can be substituted for 2 percent milk or nonfat milk. Nonfat, 2 percent, and whole milk are all provided at no charge. If you want half-and-half (breve), cream, or non-dairy milk replacements, you’ll have to pay an additional fee. Question Does your regular coffee with mocha syrup have enough room for a dollop of whipped cream? It is mandatory for the barista to inquire, “would you like room for cream?” Alternatively, you might simply say “allow room (for the cream at the top)”
  • Question What is the procedure for ordering something from the hidden menu? The majority of baristas really find the hidden menu to be bothersome, as many of the beverages on it are either not available in the real world or are sourced from other businesses. Because they are not part of the official menu and training, not every barista will understand what you’re talking about if you try to order one of these drinks at a coffee shop. You should check up the ingredients for a drink from the secret menu before telling the barista how to make it so that they can create it for you
  • If you want a drink from the secret menu, you should look up the ingredients before telling the barista how to make it
  • Question Does it matter whether you bring your receipt with you when you claim your drink? No, they will most likely ask for a name and then call it out when they are finished
  • Question Is it possible to get more milk after I’ve placed my order? If you happen to know where you’re going, and it’s not too busy, you might be able to get away with it. Other than that, don’t hold your breath for a positive response because you didn’t pay for it and they’re producing more beverages than just yours. Question What is a frappuccino, exactly? An iced coffee drink made with blended milk that comes in a variety of flavors is known as a frappucino (caramel, mocha, etc.). A milkshake-like consistency, although not quite as thick. It contains a significant amount of ice, which is to be anticipated in a cold beverage
  • Question Is it possible to get decaf lattes at Starbucks? Yes! While pulling the shots, the barista just hits the “decaf” button on the machine, and the machine will only draw decaf shots from then on. You can also obtain half-caf shots (which are half decaf and half caffeine)
  • Question Is it more expensive to have foam or cream applied on top? Foam is formed from frothed milk and is automatically included in lattes and cappuccinos
  • It is just a byproduct of the process of making them. Whipped cream is commonly found in lattes and blended drinks such as Frappuccinos. If you want whipped cream on top of a basic espresso or brewed coffee, you must order it as an extra
  • Otherwise, you will be charged. Question Is it customary to request that an espresso shot be added to any latte drink when ordering one? You are correct, this is very usual. Every day, a large number of people want further injections. Simply specify the total number of photos you would like to have taken. When ordering a grande lattes, for example, specify that you want three shots in it
  • Otherwise, specify that you want a “triple grande latte.” If you prefer, you may simply say, “a large latte with an extra shot.” Keep in mind that additional shots will almost always result in an additional fee. Question When ordering using the mobile app, how can I specify that my drink should be stirred? If you’re ordering using the mobile app and your preferred drink choice (for example, an upside-down caramel macchiato) isn’t available, you’ll be unable to request it through the app, sadly. It would be preferable if you placed your order in person. You might even mix your drink yourself when you pick it up at the shop
  • This is an option.

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  • Please be considerate! If someone in line in front of you wants a drink, you may even pay it forward by ordering one for them. Remember that sometimes the baristas will mispronounce your name, so be prepared to deal with any mispronunciations
  • Keep in mind to wait towards the far end of the bar rather than near the register. If the barista does not speak your language as well as you would like, please abstain from becoming frustrated and yelling at him or her because this is considered disrespectful. Speak clearly and gently, and avoid being impolite. Double-check your drink to ensure that it is exactly what you ordered once it has been delivered to you. Hovering over the bar and instructing the barista on how to do their duties can reduce your chances of receiving a high-quality beverage
  • Yet, Please refrain from using your cell phone when placing your purchase
  • It is considered disrespectful. If you don’t understand anything, don’t be hesitant to ask for clarification. There are many different bottled beverages and juices that are commonly available at Starbucks, which are usually displayed in a refrigerated shelf beneath the pastry display shelf. Order a variety of dishes and discover new beverages! You will almost certainly discover more items that you like than normal. Additionally, if you’re hungry, you may browse the pastries and other items available in addition to purchasing your beverage. Whenever you want to try anything new that you are unsure of, ask if you may taste it first
  • Ensure that you know whether or not a frappuccino contains coffee before ordering one, as certain frappuccino beverages do not include coffee. Remember to leave a tip for your barista. When buying a beverage that includes whipped cream by default, such as a Mocha, and specifying non-fat milk, don’t forget to indicate whether or not you want whipped cream on top of the drink. People will grab any odd drink that is called out, so keep your eyes peeled. Keep your receipt in case you need to have your drink remade at a later time. Again, be on the lookout because more than one person may be drinking the same beverage as you (for example, “I’m drinking a Grande Cafe Latte at the bar!”). A large latte is the most often purchased beverage at a Starbucks
  • Planning to stay there? If you request it, they will offer your beverages in actual cups and glasses rather than paper ones. When placing your order, simply state, “For Here.” (This is only available at specific stores, not all.)

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Summary of the Article If you want to order from Starbucks, you should start by looking over their menu. You may either have a conventional cup of coffee or experiment with a coffee beverage such as a latte or a cappucino. Both selections may be tailored to your preferences by adding extras like as milk, flavored syrups, whipped cream, and cinnamon to your order. Starbucks also sells beverages other than coffee, such as teas and smoothies. Choose a drink from one of Starbucks’ four available sizes, then place your order to have it delivered right to your door!

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There is no need to be embarrassed if you have ever dabbled with the Starbucks hidden menu — or even just tried to design your own drink — and ended up gasping in fear.

Here’s how to never drink a poor cup of coffee again, because you deserve the greatest cup of coffee possible in the morning.

1. You added syrup *and* sweetener.

It’s possible to achieve the flavor of a mocha latte for less money by ordering an iced coffee with two or three pumps of mocha—and a generous amount of milk—but be careful: If the barista asks if you want it sweetened, decline, decline, and decline. Alternatively, you’ll wind up with a syrupy drink that tastes more like drinking chocolate sauce. That is not to say that there is anything wrong with it. As with any flavor syrup, if you try it and find it to be too bitter, you can always request a sweetener to be added later by asking the barista to do so.

2. You’re adding too much cream.

We understand that you were entranced by the way the half-and-half swirled into your iced coffee. However, when you add the creamer, it’s easy to go overboard and end up with a cup of coffee that’s somewhere in the middle between beige and eggshell in appearance. Moreover, it has the flavor of creamy disappointment combined with the bitter taste of money spent in vain. When in doubt about how much milk to use, take a cue from Calvin Klein, who, according to the New York Times, created his ideal coffee by matching it to a Pantone color swatch and storing it in his kitchen so his chef could make it to the perfect consistency every time.

3. You went into syrup overload.

The average Starbucks long latte has three pumps of syrup, a grande has four, and a venti has five (six if it’s an iced venti, because the beverage is four ounces bigger). You should follow this rule of thumb if you’re going rogue and creating your own order to avoid overdoing it.

4. You didn’t go up a cup size when you ordered iced coffee.

It’s a smart move to order a tall in a grande cup rather than a grande in a venti cup. If you’re driving, the extra space will prevent you from a potential spill due to a speed bump—or you may utilize it to store a little extra ice or milk in your trunk. It frequently leads in you having extra coffee to savor, and the more the merrier in this case.

5. You don’t use the app—or a rewards card—when buying food and drinks.

On your birthday, you’ll receive a free drink or food item, and every time you purchase 12 items, you’ll receive another freebie. It’s also possible to order anything on the menu, including the venti caramel macchiato with an additional shot of espresso, which is usually reserved for special occasions (or you need enough energy to deadlift a SmartCar).

6. You order a regular white mocha Frappuccino in the smallest size available—whether that’sminior tall—but the sweetness is still too much for you to finish.

Any drink can be ordered “half sweet,” which means that the flavor isn’t as strong.

7. You didn’t specify unsweetened iced tea.

According to baristas, unless you specify differently, the iced tea will be sweetened by default. Be specific when ordering something with tea and no extra sugar, such as “no extra sugar.”

8. You ask for a “hot Frappuccino” in the winter.

Although it is not a real thing, baristas say it is a frequent misunderstanding that they have to dispel time and time again over the holiday season and into the beginning of February. Instead of iced coffee, try a hot Chai tea, caramel macchiato, or mocha latte (or just plain hot chocolate.)

9. You make your order unnecessarily complicated.

Coffee shop employees normally take the type of cup you want (hot or iced) and the size you want (tall, grande, venti and occasionally trenta), then mark the boxes on either side of your cup from top to bottom, depending on your preference.

It is easiest to order in this manner in order to reduce the possibility of ordering errors:

  • Served hot or iced
  • Size
  • sDecaf
  • The total number of shots (including any additional shots)
  • Specify the number of syrup pumps you want (if you’re that particular)
  • Species of milk
  • Any more ingredients (more whip, more sweetness)
  • Type of beverage (latte, Frappuccino, etc.)
  • To be honest, this may seem a bit strange—”one iced grande.iced coffee, please”—but if your order is reasonably easy, you may get away with not following the instructions to the letter. If, on the other hand, you’re the sort who orders a “Iced Grande Decaf, two-shot, six pumps caramel, soy, extra whipped cream caramel macchiato,” following the order may be the best way to ensure that you receive precisely what you want. The barista’s quiet mocking, on the other hand, will not be alleviated by this.

10. You’re not skipping the line

Individuals who plan ahead and make their orders at home may believe that mobile ordering is only for those who stroll into the store and instantly see that their coffee is ready and waiting for them at the counter. But we’re here to inform you that’s not the case. While you’re at the store, you may utilize the online ordering system to place your purchase. If there is a large queue when you arrive, you may place your order using the Starbucks app and then wait for it to appear ahead of the rest of the customers.

11. You’re burning your mouth on way too hot coffee.

You may ask for your drink to be brought at “kids’ temperature,” which means it will not burn your tongue if you are eager and take a sip straight away. This is a little-known pro-tip that you should know about.

12. You’re not asking for the next size up.

If you want a grande-sized coffee, order it, but specify that you want it in a venti-sized cup instead. In this method, your grande will be a full 16 ounces, leaving room for milk or cream on top. Otherwise, they wouldn’t allow you enough room in your grande cup for everything, and you’d end up being short a few ounces.

13. You’re ordering from the secret menu by name.

  • By this point, everyone is aware of the existence of the Starbucks “secret menu.” Rather of ordering speciality Frappuccinos that taste like buttered popcorn or funnel cake by their hidden menu names, you’ll be better by ordering them by the alterations they need. Because every Starbucks store is different, even if your barista knows the drink by memory, it’s important to order it by ingredients to ensure that you get the proper item.

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Best Coffee Drinks To Order At Starbucks – Era of We Coffee Forum

When it comes to getting our daily coffee fix, Starbucks is a great option for the majority of us. On top of being extremely handy (since they are basically everywhere), the coffee beverages available at these establishments cater to a wide range of tastes. Here are our top ten recommendations for the best Starbucks beverages.

Best Coffee Drinks At Starbucks

The caramel macchiato is one of the most popular Starbucks coffee beverages, and it’s easy to see why. Whether served hot or iced, this is the drink of choice when you want something with a strong espresso flavor that is also sweet. The beverage construction is distinctive in that the espresso is placed on top of the beverage rather than on the bottom, as is customary in the industry. It starts with vanilla syrup, then moves on to milk, espresso, and a sprinkle of caramel sauce to finish it off.

2. Caffe Mocha

If you want chocolate-flavored beverages, then the caffe mocha is unquestionably what you should have at this establishment. In this beverage, chocolate sauce is combined with espresso and whipped cream before being served out to guests. The bitter-sweetness of this beverage is proof that coffee and chocolate do, in fact, make the best of friends.

3. Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

In case you’re a lover of cold brew beverages, you should be aware that Starbucks sells them in a variety of flavor combinations.

The vanilla sweet cream, on the other hand, is the most popular flavor on the market. It’s a typical cold brew that’s been sweetened with a few pumps of vanilla syrup, ice cubes, and a dash of sweet cream before being served.

4. White Chocolate Mocha

If you enjoy cold brew beverages, you should be aware that Starbucks provides a variety of varieties to choose from. The vanilla sweet cream is the most popular flavor on the list. An old-school cold brew that’s been sweetened with vanilla syrup, served over some ice, and topped with a splash of sweet cream is what we’re talking about.

5. Caramel Frappuccino

If you don’t care for Starbucks’ hot coffee, you may go for one of their blended coffee drinks, the greatest of which is the caramel Frappuccino, which is available in several flavors. Coffee and milk are blended together and sweetened with caramel syrup. Whipped cream is added on top, then caramel sauce spirals are drizzled on top of that. Imagine having a crème brûlée or caramel flan in the form of a cup of something delicious!

6. Salted Caramel Cold Brew

This is yet another one of the greatest Starbucks cold brew varieties that we have on our list of the top coffee shops. The caramel flavour is mixed with the rich and smooth cold brew to create a bitter-sweet delicacy that is sure to please. Once the beverage has been topped with silky cool foam and sea salt for crunch, it is ready to drink.

7. Starbucks Reserve Dark Chocolate Mocha

Consider the possibility that you would like to visit a Reserve shop, which is a more upscale version of the Starbucks outlets. Consequently, you should absolutely sample one of the greatest Starbucks coffee specialty ever created! This drink is produced using Starbucks Reserve espresso shots rather than coffee syrup, which results in a more unique flavor profile than coffee syrup. It is then blended with exquisite dark cocoa and milk, and finally sprinkled with a dash of chocolate powder to complete the dessert.

8. Iced Chocolate Almond Milk Shaken Espresso

Starbucks Blonde espresso is used in this beverage, rather than the more traditional dark roast espresso. The flavors of the coffee are mellowed by the addition of two scoops of chocolate malt powder and a dash of almond milk. Despite the fact that it is made in a cocktail shaker, this coffee has the flavor of melting ice cream, which will transport you back to your youth.

9. Nitro Cold Brew

If you’re searching for one of the most caffeinated beverages available at Starbucks, the nitro cold brew is a great choice. This cold brew has been injected with nitrogen, resulting in a thicker, creamier, and colder version of the normal beverage than the original. Because of the cascading effect of the foam bubbles, this drink is not only delicious, but it is also aesthetically attractive to look at. Moreover, exactly like beer, this coffee is poured directly from the tap–get ready to get drenched in caffeine!

10. Dark Mocha Frappuccino

Blending coffee, extra-dark cocoa, chocolate chips, milk, and ice together results in a delectable treat that is sure to please. In order to complete it, a dollop of freshly whipped cream is added to the drink, which is then dusted with dark chocolate powder. It is without a doubt one of the greatest Starbucks coffee Frappuccinos that has ever been made.


No matter if you’re searching for hot or cold coffee, Starbucks is unquestionably the most convenient place to acquire your caffeine fix.

You may also ask the barista for ideas if you’ve already tried some of the items on our list and want to try something different. After all, they have around 87,000 different cocktail combinations to choose from!

How to Order Starbucks like a Pro: 11 Things Baristas Wish You Knew

Anyone who wants to order Starbucks like a pro, whether they are frequent customers or new to the coffee chain, can find out how to do it here. Starbucks, like other coffee house chains, has a unique style of doing things, and while it is not required, it is really appreciated when consumers pay attention to what they are doing. After all, doing so can result in much shorter wait times and less uncertainty throughout the process. Are you interested in learning how to order Starbucks like a pro?

Starbucks baristas wish that consumers were aware of certain facts that would make their employment more enjoyable.

Dan R.

1. How to order Starbucks like a pro

Do you want to know how to order a Starbucks beverage like a professional? Inform the baristas of the correct order in which you want your drinks. The following are the steps that every barista wishes they knew:

  • Served hot or iced
  • What size drink do you want
  • Do you want it decaf
  • The total number of shots
  • Would you want a glass of syrup? (If so, how much do you want? Species of milk
  • Add in the excess or make the necessary modifications
  • What is the name of your beverage?

Ideally, your drink order should sound something like this: “I’d like a hot, venti, almond milkpumpkin spice latte with no whipped cream, please,” or anything along those lines. Isn’t it simple?

2. The sizing is tall, grande, and venti

We’ve all been guilty of ordering a small, medium, or large coffee at Starbucks without thinking about it. And while they are unlikely to call you out on it, baristas privately despise you for it. Ordering regular drink sizes causes uncertainty among Starbucks staff, and you don’t want any confusion when it comes to the person in control of your coffee consumption. Refresh your memory on the differences between Starbucks long, grande, and venti sizes the next time you place an order.

3. Double blended is not a thing

Some Starbucks consumers prefer a double blended frappuccino because they believe it is smoother than a single blended frappuccino. However, it is not quite a thing, and the end result is more like a watery coffee milkshake than a creamy frappuccino in terms of appearance. Order it exactly as it is served, and your barista will thank you profusely.

4. Don’t ask for extra caramel

As a general rule, refrain from requesting additional caramel. A decorative “drizzle” on the top of your frappuccino is all that the caramel — and chocolate syrup, for that matter — are for. There’s nothing special about the word “drizzle.”

5. Non-fat milk makes horrible foam

When ordering nonfat milk, keep in mind that if you like the foam and are prone to asking for more foam, you might want to reconsider. Nonfat milk, according to some baristas, is not the best choice for creating foam.

6. Don’t order a latte without foam

Speaking of foam, you might not think it’s a big issue, but ordering a latte sans froth really causes the machine to slow down. Baristas must scoop off the froth from a latte by hand in order to remove it from the drink.

7. It’s ‘espresso’ not ‘expresso’

One of the things that Starbucks employees despise the most is the company’s uniform policy. It happens when clients pronounce the term “espresso” incorrectly. Despite the fact that it is not the end of the world, they wish the concealed X would just go away.

8. Please keep the restrooms clean

With a Starbucks on every corner, there is also a public bathroom on every corner, which is one of the numerous advantages of having a Starbucks everywhere. Furthermore, while some venues require a code to enter — this is frequently the case in major cities — they are generally clean and suitable for a variety of purposes.

That being stated, who do you believe is responsible for keeping them that way? It is not always the consumers who are at fault. Starbucks baristas are in charge of keeping the toilets clean, so they would appreciate it if you would pick up after yourself when you leave a mess.

9. Avoid spelling your name

One of the numerous advantages of having a Starbucks on every corner is that there is a public bathroom on every corner as well as a Starbucks on every corner. Moreover, while some sites require a code to be entered by consumers alone — this is frequently the case in major cities — they are generally clean and suitable for a wide range of applications. So who do you believe is responsible for keeping them in this state of mind? Customer service isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Baristas at Starbucks have the responsibility of keeping the toilets clean, so they would appreciate it if you would clean up after yourself.

10. Say ‘that’s it’ when you’re done ordering via the drive-through

When it comes to clients leaving the speaker box before their purchase has been completed, the term “pet peeve” is an understatement. End your order with a simple “that’s it!” to avoid any misunderstandings. As a result, the barista running the drive-through knows you’ve finished purchasing your cup of Joe and can confidently begin taking your next order.

11. Be kind

One thing Starbucks baristas wish you knew was how important it is to be kind — especially during the early morning shift when everyone is rushing to get their coffee fix. Kindness goes a long way, and it may even result in you receiving more sweets or a discount. Check out The Cheat Sheet on Facebook for more information!

8 Coffee Orders to Switch up Your Starbucks Routine

  • One thing Starbucks baristas wish you knew was how important it is to be kind to people — especially during the early morning shift when everyone is eager to get their caffeine kick on. Kindness goes a long way, and it may even result in you receiving additional treats or a discount as a result of your actions. Visit The Cheat Sheeton Facebook for more information!

One thing Starbucks baristas wish you knew was how important it is to be kind — especially during the early morning shift when everyone is eager to get their caffeine fix. Kindness goes a long way, and it may even result in you receiving extra gifts or a discount as a result of your actions. Check out The Cheat Sheeton Facebook for more information!

1. Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte

One thing Starbucks baristas wish you knew was how important it is to be kind to people — especially during the early morning shift when everyone is eager to get their caffeine fix. Kindness goes a long way, and it may even get you some additional gifts or a discount. Check out The Cheat Sheet on Facebook!

2. Iced London Fog

Starbucks is the source of this information. The iced london fog (earl grey latte) has such a creepy and sinister sound to it that I like buying it just on the basis of that selling factor. I’d like to think of myself as a spooky, enigmatic individual (I am neither eerie nor mysterious). It’s an improvement over your regular earl grey tea, and it’s deliciously creamy, with touches of lavender and vanilla to complement the flavor. It’s very delicious!

3. Iced Matcha Tea Latte

Starbucks is the source of this information. Despite all of the hype around matcha, I’m only now getting on board with the trend. I ordered this drink reluctantly, but I felt I had to give it a fair go based on the very positive feedback I had received from my closest circle of friends. My expectations were low since the matcha’s green appearance led me to imagine that it would taste like kale, broccoli, or spinach, which was incorrect. Fortunately, my assumptions were completely incorrect. This iced matcha tea latte was sweet, smooth, and offered a more concentrated buzz of energy than the caffeine rush that I receive from coffee.

I can’t comment for matcha in an isolated situation because I’ve never had it, but thisiced matcha tea latte was delicious. Despite the fact that it has less caffeine than other Starbs beverages, I felt awake and attentive throughout the day, with no mid-day coffee crash. SOLD!

4. Miel Latte

Starbucks is the source of this information. Though this dish isn’t exactly on the menu, it’s an international favorite for a good reason. Miel means to honey in Spanish (evidence that I paid attention in high school Spanish), and it is the sweet, sweet hero of the miel latte, which is a combination of espresso and honey. Order an acaffè misto, which is half steamed milk and half brewed coffee, then top it up with honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a squeeze of vanilla extract. Although traditionally made with vanilla extract, most Starbucks stores do not have the extract, which is why they use vanilla extract from a pump.

5. Flat White

Starbucks is the source of this information. I enjoy a nice, sweet Starbucks beverage, but there are times when I just don’t have the appetite for something sweet. Whenever I’m having one of these days, I order aflat white. A ristretto is made with steamed whole milk and two shots of espresso; it has less froth than a latte or a cappuccino, and the concentrated espresso gives it a richer flavor than either. The flat white makes me feel like a genuine coffee genius while I’m sipping it, and if you enjoy lattes and espresso, the flat white is the drink for you.

6. Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

Starbucks is the source of this information. In case you haven’t yet discovered the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, allow me to introduce you to your newest coffee addiction: pumpkin cream iced coffee (and sorry in advance). It was my intention to write this post in order to break up with my four-year-old romance with my caramel iced coffee with almond milk, but I’m falling in love with this pumpkin cream cold brew instead. It’s smooth and sweet, it has a hint of fall flavor without tasting like I pureed an entire pumpkin, and — dare I say it – it could just be my new favorite soup of all time.

7. Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte

Starbucks is the source of this information. The slim cinnamon dolce latte is a game-changer when it comes to coffee. Steamed nonfat milk, espresso, and sugar-free cinnamon syrup are some of the ingredients in this drink. When I order it, I feel like a total snob, but the flavor is really delicious. These guilt-free treats are made with no fat and no sugar, and they go nicely with a crisp, cold afternoon, a sweater, and the music of Mumford and Sons playing on loop.

8. Nitro Cold Brew with Sweet Cream

Starbucks is the source of this information. Woah. When I first tasted thisnitro cold brew with sweet cream, I was completely taken by surprise. My ears pricked up when the barista offered the option to add sweet cream to my nitro cold brew, which is served on tap and is a little strong without any flavoring or cream. I’ve always been a lover of flavored creams in general (Coffee-Mate french vanilla being my go-to at-home coffee additive), so when I discovered that Starbucks sells house-made vanilla sweet cream, my heart skipped a beat with excitement.

This coffee is silky smooth, robust (but not bitter), and provides me with the caffeine boost I need to get through the day. I highly recommend it!

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