How To Read Coffee Grounds? (Solution found)

The Coffee Reader:

  1. If a big chunk of grounds falls on the saucer, it means that any of your troubles or worries will leave you soon.
  2. If the fallen ground forms a pile, it means money will come your way.
  3. If the cup and saucer are tight and the reader can lift them up as one unit, it’s a Prophet’s Cup.


Can you tell the future with coffee?

Here’s how to do it. After caffeinating sufficiently, leave a small bit of muddy coffee residue at the bottom of the cup. Flip the cup over onto your saucer, rotate it three times clockwise, and leave it to dry. A few minutes later, the fortune telling session can begin.

How do you read a Greek coffee cup?

Generally, the bottom part of the cup represents people, situations, or ideas from your past, the middle part on the sides of the cup represents the present whilst the top part indicates what’s approaching in the future.

Can you read coffee grounds like tea leaves?

Tasseography (also known as tasseomancy, tassology, or tasseology) is a divination or fortune-telling method that interprets patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments.

Is Turkish coffee fortune telling true?

Turkish coffee reading symbols are shapes with various meanings. Some of them receive global acceptance by coffee symbol interpreters worldwide. It is true that two different readers can interpret the same cup in a diverse way. In Turkish fortune telling there is no right or wrong.

What does a bird mean in a Turkish coffee?

Bird: News. Butterfly: You’ve a changeable friend. You should move together. Candle: Another person will help you succeed.

How do you read Armenian coffee grounds?

Simply drink your Armenian-style coffee in white china with no inside pattern or decoration. Shapes and patterns inside the coffee cup and on the saucer need to be visible for reading. After drinking most of the liquid in the coffee, cover the cup with the upside-down saucer and swirl three times.

What does fish mean in coffee cup reading?

Fish (any kind including Whale or Dolphin): Very big achievement especially in their career. Candle: Opening the mind, wisdom and knowledge. Knife: Physical danger in the future. Moon: Love.

What does a star mean in a coffee cup?

Squares: comfort and peace. Star: good luck; if surrounded by dots, wealth, and honor. Swan: good luck and a happy love life.

Is reading tea leaves real?

But reading tea leaves isn’t just a spooky part of your favorite fantasy franchise — it’s a real practice, and a divination tool that’s not just used by fictional wizards at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

How do tea leaf readings work?

When finishing off a cup of loose leaf tea, leaves often line the sides and base of the cup. The idea behind reading tea leaves is that whilst drinking, a person’s movements affect the leaves swirling around so that when they settle the shapes are unique to them. It is then up to the reader to interpret these shapes.

Do you drink the grounds in Turkish coffee?

Traditionally, coffee is added to cold water in a copper pot. When drinking Turkish coffee, the trick is to gently agitate your cup time and time again to re-mix the grounds with the water. Otherwise you’ll drink weaker coffee, and wind up with a thicker layer of grounds at the bottom when you’re done.

What are reading tea leaves?

Your Essential Guide to Tasseography, the Practice of Reading Tea Leaves. Tasseography (also known as tasseomancy ) is the art of identifying symbols and interpreting messages found in the shapes and configurations of tea leaves.

Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling

It is common practice in the Balkans and Turkey to drink Turkish coffee followed by getting your fate read from the residual coffee grounds left in the cup as a leisure activity. Turkish coffee readings are under the genre of Tasseography, which refers to the divination practices that include deciphering patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments, among other things. Now, I am not a superstitious person, and I consider fortunetelling to be a step removed from theRorschach test, which is what makes it so entertaining for me.

However, please do not make any serious or life-changing decisions based on any fortune readings, as I believe it is amusement only.

The future is constantly moving forward.” Given how amusing Turkish coffee readings can be, I strongly advise everyone to give it a try at least once.

Step 1: Preparing for the Reading

Turkish coffee readings are done by professional fortunetellers or amongst friends who have some skill with the practice; nonetheless, it is not customary to read your own cup of Turkish coffee. Examples include my grandmother delivering readings to her friends when I was growing up, and the talent of Turkish coffee readings is passed down from generation to generation in Turkey. When someone requests a reading, the fortuneteller will do the following tasks:

  1. Make a pot of strong, silky Turkish coffee
  2. And Small cups with a solid white inside should be used to serve the coffee. Instruct the individual who is sipping the coffee to drink it with intention, which means that they should be thinking about their questions while they drink. If the user is compelled to drink the coffee in a set number of sip, generally 1, 3, or 5, this will be enforced in some nations. Then they will turn the cup upside-down on the saucer after they are through drinking. When they have finished, ask them to take the upside-down cup and saucer and, while thinking about their intention, spin the cup and saucer three times clockwise or counterclockwise, releasing the sediment inside
  3. Once they have finished whirling, instruct them to place the saucer and cup on the table. In order to determine if the purpose is for love or prosperity, the fortuneteller will ask the individual who drank the coffee to place a ring or coin on top of the cup while the sediment is pouring down the cup into the saucer.

Step 2: Basics of Turkish Coffee Readings

In order to do a Turkish coffee reading, you will require intuition, captivating storytelling, and a basic understanding of the symbolic language. While the coffee is dripping down the side of the cup, take advantage of the 5-10 minutes to catch up with the individual who consumed it. It is OK to inquire about their intentions as well as the reasons for their fear about the future. In certain nations, fortunetellers would read both the cup and the saucer, which is known as double reading. Generally speaking, the cup will be ready to be read within 5-10 minutes.

  • As a result of the suction (Bernoulli’s Effect), if the cup and saucer do not separate instantly, it is assumed that the cup should not be read. “The Prophet’s Cup” is a drink that is extremely auspicious, since it favors the drinker’s intentions. If the bulk of the coffee sediment has drained from the cup into the saucer, the fortuneteller should say something to the effect that the person who drank the coffee’s “worries are departing” them. The presence of a perfectly formed raised mound on the saucer signifies that “money will arrive shortly.” In certain cultures, if the cup leaves a perfect circle outlining the rim on the saucer, it indicates that the intention will be fulfilled, but a broken circle indicates that the opposite will be true.

There are a variety of ways to interpret the cup’s meaning. The most often encountered are as follows:

  • Readings from the past, present, and future the cup’s lower portion depicts the past, the middle piece depicts the current state of affairs, and its upper portion depicts what is to come in the future
  • Read aloud the five segment readings that split the cup into five main sections with representational significance. If you spin the cup such that the handle of the cup is pointing in the direction of you, the fortuneteller, then
  1. Symbolizing love and relationships is represented by the region around the handle. The part devoted to money and fortune is located just across from the cup’s handle. The area to the left of the handle represents the person who drank the coffee’s current state of affairs
  2. It is predicted that future events will take place in the part to the right of the handle. The bottom of the cup offers advice on matters pertaining to the home and family

Step 3: Typical Symbols

Pick one of the strategies given in the previous step to use when reading someone’s cup of tea or coffee. Pay close attention to the larger forms since they carry a greater amount of weight than the smaller ones. There are several common patterns that may be seen in cups, as well as some common meanings. Lines Vertical lines represent your life objectives. The greater the size and darkness of the line, the better the outcome will be. Whenever the line hits the rim of the cup, it is deemed fortunate for that particular objective.

DotsA cluster of black dots indicates that you may be receiving money in the near future.

Triangle Your life is about to undergo a transformation.

Square Comfort and tranquilityY Are you at a crossroads, considering your choices, or looking for assistance from a friend?

Concern, you have a question you’d want addressed. If the question mark has a dot, your question will be answered; if it does not, your question will remain uncertain. Danger and exhilaration are both present. Symbol of good fortune

Step 4: Letters and Numbers

But remember that symbolism can differ significantly from one culture to the next. You might wish to search for symbolic meanings that are peculiar to your culture and location starting with this step, as opposed to the previous phase, which discussed some pretty typical meanings. The majority of civilizations do not regard the same numerals or characters to be fortunate. Certain animals and things also have diverse connotations in other civilizations, as previously mentioned. Numbers Numeric and symbolic meanings can be assigned to numbers, based on the overall story told by the cup and the reader’s interpretation of the numbers.

  1. The following are some examples of the symbolic meanings of numbers: The number zero represents things that keep repeating themselves and moving in circles.
  2. 5:Success6:Sex7:A new relationship 8: Good fortune twice again 9:An offer has been made Letters Letters, like numbers, can have a literal or symbolic significance depending on their context.
  3. As with numbers, letters are capable of being read literally.
  4. A person’s interpretation of this is determined by the overall tale of the cup or by information supplied by the person who drank the coffee.
  5. G: JoyH: Arrogance and hubris I:Surprise J:LoveK: Expansion and diversification L:LiesM:Healing or a member of the family RejectionO: Success, marriage N: RejectionO: P:Family expansion, including a pregnancy.
  6. V:Victory X:At a crossroads or a destinationZ:At an end or a conclusion
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Step 5: Objects, Animals and Other Symbols

But remember that symbolism can differ significantly from one culture to the next! You may choose to search for symbolic meanings that are peculiar to your culture and location starting with this step, as opposed to the prior phase, which discussed some pretty typical meanings. Most importantly, different cultures have different interpretations of what is considered lucky. In a similar vein, various animals and things have varied connotations throughout civilizations. Numbers Numeric and symbolic meanings can be assigned to numbers, based on the overall story told by the cup and the reader’s perception of the story.

  • The following are some examples of numerical symbolism: The number zero represents things that keep repeating themselves or moving in circles.
  • The following are the results of the five categories: success, sexuality, and new love.
  • 9:A proposition Letters As with numerals, letters can have literal or symbolic meanings depending on their position in the alphabet.
  • It is possible to take letters and numerals literally.
  • The overall tale of the cup or the information supplied by the individual who drank the coffee is used to interpret this.
  • The occurrence of a conflict.
  • L:LiesM:Healing or a member of your family Successfulness and marriage are the outcomes of N:RejectionO: Families growing and a baby on the way.

R:Relaxation and recuperation. S:Happiness The punctuality, timeliness, or absence of these characteristics. U:Desire for material goods and possessions. V:Victory The X represents a crossroads or an objective, while the Z represents a conclusion, or completion.

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Turkey’s coffee reading routine is undoubtedly a very popular one in the regions that prefer this particular variety of coffee. You may have a look at it whether you want to have fun or take a more serious approach. As a result, you will discover all you need to know about the approach used by the pros to this issue right here. Use of appropriate utensils, such as a pot and a cup, is quite beneficial in the construction of crisp, indisputable symbols. So sit back and enjoy your cup of coffee.

Turkish Coffee Readings – Coffee Grounds With Value

Turkey’s coffee reading practice is undoubtedly a very popular one in the countries who like this particular variety of beverage. Take a look at it whether you want something entertaining or serious. You will learn everything there is to know about the professional approach to this issue as a result of this website. A lot may be accomplished with the right tools, such as pots and cups, in the construction of crisp, indisputable symbols. So sit back and take pleasure in your cup of java. Moreover, who knows, you could be holding the key to your own destiny without even realizing it.

Fortune Telling Turkish Coffee Brands and Utensils

For this method of fortune telling, any Turkish style coffee brand will suffice, as would coffee ground readings from any brand of Turkish style coffee. To put it another way, there is no specific coffee brand that is suitable for this purpose. However, the ground must be Turkish (powder). Otherwise, the markings would be so faint that it would be nearly difficult to distinguish amongst them. Every cup reader makes use of the coffee of her or his choice. Follow the links below to view some of the top coffee brands that you can buy and use in your home.

  1. In the standard coffee-making pot, add an additional half teaspoon of ground coffee to taste.
  2. To brew the perfect coffee for cup reading purposes, it is an absolutely necessary instrument.
  3. It is only a helping hand in the final practice of the Turkish coffee readings, which is all that is required.
  4. Images are clear and simple to read because of the contrast between black and white.
  5. Some of them are simple enough to use in lieu of the original cups.
  6. If you want to have an accurate coffee cup fortune telling session, you will need this.

General Turkish Coffee Cup Reading rules

Turkish coffee reading is a skill that requires symbol knowledge, experience, and intuition to master. A small number of persons are employed in the field. Everyone is welcome to give it a shot just for fun! Coffee readers are those who are able to decipher the patterns in a coffee cup. They inform the individual about events that have occurred in his or her past, present, and future lives.

It is important to read coffee cups on a daily basis in order to become familiar with many of the symbols and their meanings. Check out these general principles for Turkish coffee reading, which include the fundamentals of the beverage:

  • You shouldn’t make assumptions about your own cup. (It is OK to do it just for the purpose of practicing symbol learning.) You wouldn’t hand the identical cup to a different reader to double-check the reading you just gave them, would you? You should keep in mind that the vast majority of pros conduct “full impressions” rather than simply cup reading symbols. The fortune telling process for a Turkish cup always begins with the cup’s handle. If the individual is right-handed, you go from right to left, and if the person is left-handed, you move from left to right.

Photo courtesy of byccarlstead/CC BY 2.0

How to Read Turkish Coffee – The Cup Reading Preparation

The creation of the traditional Turkish coffee cup is the first step in the reading of Turkish coffee. With this process, you will be able to generate legible cup and saucer designs on your computer.


1.Take a deep breath and take a leisurely sip of your Turkish coffee from the same side of the cup. NOTE: Only one sip of liquid should be left in the cup. It will aid in the loosening of the sediments during the spinning process. 2.Making a personal wish after the last drink is optional. NOTE: In Turkish coffee reading, this is an extremely significant component to consider. To be more specific, the reader will tell you whether or not your wish will come true. Put the saucer over the top of the cup (so that it is facing up) to cover it completely.

4.Put your hands in front of your chest level and hold the coffee cup put in your hands.

To do this, you must move the sediment about and disseminate it uniformly throughout the whole inner surface of the cup.

This movement will bring the sediments to the bottom of the saucer, leaving the patterns essential for a coffee reader to see.


8.The reader should leave the cup for 5 to 10 minutes to allow the liquid to drain entirely and cool completely. The sediments will progressively make their way into the saucer, where they will form the final designs within the cup.

  • Place a ring on the reverse side of the cup to study relationships if that is your preference
  • It is necessary to place a coin on the rear side of the cup if you are reading about money during the reading session.

9.Any thing that you have placed on the cup will be returned to you by the cup reader. At this stage, he or she tries to gently separate the cup from the saucer using his or her hands. Excess sediments are released from the cup’s handle side when it is being used.

  • If a large clump of dirt falls onto the saucer, this is the first indication that your reading is going well. “Your troubles and concerns are fading away”
  • It implies “Money will come to you” if the falling ground takes the shape of an apile. If the cup and saucer are tightly sealed and the reader is able to raise them as a single unit, it is a “prophet’s cup.” (This means that you are not required to continue reading.) “Every one of your dreams will come true!” The majority of readers, on the other hand, will continue with the reading regardless.)

10.The coffee reader flips the cup on its side and holds it upright with one hand. The shapes contained within the cup and saucer will have certain symbolic meanings that will be explained further. The reading of Turkish coffee begins.

Turkish Coffee Reading – The Cup Division Approach

Turkish coffee reading, on the other hand, has a plethora of factors to consider. Finding both the positive and negative indications in the cup is an important component of the game. Professionals who use coffee grounds to read fortunes pay close attention to the locations of symbols on the cup’s surface. They create their own unique preferences and cling to a single technique of instruction. Coffee cup readers have their own system for reading cup portions, which they follow.

5 major categories

(1)5-section Cup for reading while drinking Turkish coffee The split of the cup takes place at the middle area of the cup’s middle section. To put it another way, the quality of a sign is determined by three factors: the handle, the front rim, and the bottom region.

  1. The left section represents the present moment, while the right region represents the future time. Handle area = occurrences in one’s life that one enjoys
  2. The region around the front rim represents wealth, while the area around the bottom of the cup represents home and family issues.

(2)4-section Cup for reading while drinking Turkish coffee Imagining two lines, one horizontal and one vertical, running from the handle of the cup and dividing the cup into four halves.

  1. Positive occurrences are represented by the vertical axis on the right
  2. Negative events are represented by the vertical axis on the left. Horizontal axis – up = in the near future
  3. Horizontal axis – down = in the far future The horizontal axis is pointing down, which indicates a long future.

(3)2-section Cup for reading while drinking Turkish coffee From the handle of the cup, divide it into two parts.

  1. Left represents the past and near future in relation to your house. On the positive side of the spectrum, there are symbols that can be interpreted as positive things (positive area). Right = Events that will occur in the future that will affect the Out-of-Home environment. You may think of it as a terrible environment filled with wicked things.

(4)Turkish coffee reading pattern from rim to bottom.

  1. Close to the rim denotes the current or near present
  2. Towards the bottom, denotes future events.
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(5)3-parts with a horizontal orientation Turkish coffee reading cup is divided into three pieces, each of which has a distinct function in the overall look of the sign.

  1. Top = Events that are approaching in the future
  2. Middle = the current state of affairs
  3. Bottom = Past events, typically involving the home, family, and interpersonal interactions
Other important aspects for consideration with any of the above categories:
  • The SIZEof the symbol. As a result, the major ones are given a tremendous deal of significance. The unseen signals are effective—although they have a limited impact on the cup interpretation.

For example, large symbols towards the top of the page indicate that “something significant will occur very soon.”

  • IN THE AREA OFOR AROUND THE HANDLESIGNATURES. Events that will take place in a person’s home or love life are predicted.

Turkish Coffee Reading Symbols – How to Read Coffee Fortune

Nearby or in the vicinity of the HANDLEsymbols A person’s home or love life will be disrupted by certain events.

The starting point of Turkish cup reading

IN THE AREA OFOR AROUND THE HANDLEsymbols Events that will take place in a person’s home or love life

  • The distribution of the coffee grinds throughout the cup in general
  • The color of the sediment
  • The bottom of the cup
  • The bottom of the cup

All of the details for aFREElesson may be found here.

How to Read Coffee Grounds on Saucer

It is necessary to do a small preparation in order to be able to read the coffee grounds on the saucer. Swirl the saucer to ensure that the particles are evenly distributed, and then drain into the cup. Make a wish and see whether it comes true. Don’t waste a single drop of the grounds. Hold the saucer in a vertical position. Therefore, the drop will begin to fall from behind. If it leaves a lengthy path, your desire will come true; if it leaves a small trace, it will fail. The shapes on the saucer can be interpreted in the same way as the shapes on the cup.

The Symbols in Turkish Coffee Fortune

A large number of individuals are interested in learning more about coffee symbolism. The symbols in a Turkish coffee fortune are not crisp drawings or depictions, but rather abstract representations. They may be found all around the cup, scattered about. To bring them to life, you must employ your creative vision and imagination. The interpretation will be provided later. Numerous coffee fortune telling symbols are available, all of which are self-explanatory. For example, “heart” represents love, “purse” represents money, and “ring” represents marriage.

  • DO NOT make the mistake of attempting to comprehend only single symbols (as shown above). To put it another way, the context in which the sign is placed is critical in deciding its accurate interpretation.

It’s also important to remember that every reader has his or her unique method of deciphering the symbols on a coffee cup. The following are the fundamental rules: 1. OBSERVE with a high level of focus Imagination and personal instincts should be used in this step. 3. DETERMINE WHAT THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE SYMBOL IS. Although intuition is required to become a competent Turkish coffee cup reader, it is not mandatory (which is mostly a charisma). Furthermore, a thorough understanding of the meanings of coffee symbols is an absolute must-have qualification for this position.

Interested in seeing real-life pictures of certain things in the accumulated sediments of a Turkish coffee cup?

You can find actual coffee cup emblems on my Pinterest board, which I revealed to clients in person. Throughout this website, you can see several real photographs collected from people who contacted me to have their cups interpreted.

Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling Symbols – Short List

Be aware that every reader has his or her unique method of deciphering the symbols on coffee cups. Rule of thumb: 1. BE AWARE and pay attention. Personal Instincts and Imagination are both useful. 3. DETERMINE WHAT THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE SYMBOL MEANS However, intuition is required in order to become a competent Turkish coffee cup reader (which is mostly a charisma). Furthermore, a thorough understanding of the meanings of coffee symbols is an absolute must-have qualification in this field.

Interested in seeing real-life photographs of specific items in the sand and silt of a Turkish coffee cup?

A large number of authentic photographs have been obtained from people who have contacted me to have their cups interpreted.

  • The letters of the alphabet can represent the initials of: someone’s name (which might also be an adversary), or a place
  • You may use numbers to represent dates, times, and ages.

Below you will find a list of 20 true coffee symbols that I discovered while conducting email readings for customers. I’m only going to give you a brief overview of the symbol’s meaning in this paragraph.

Pleasure or a jealous female A loved one worries about you
You can rely on friends to help you Wrong friend in your environment
Positive progress in family issues Secure financial future
Love adventure Female enemy, jealousy
Money/gift or news is coming to you Career achievement
Temporary obstacle in your success You will be helped by a friend
Troubles ahead but fine outcome Passion and love
Love, friendship, faith, trust and romance Long-lasting love relationship
Confusing friendship. Friend turns against you Financial difficulties
Success at something or changing home Find your balance, endless love

Reading Turkish Coffee Final Step

Finally, the reading will come to a close with a request from the reader for you to stamp the ground with your finger at the conclusion. Your personality will be represented by the symbol you create. The procedure is as follows: Your right thumb should be placed near the bottom of the cup. Gently turn it in the clockwise direction. It will result in the formation of new pictures in the cup. In this scenario, the shapes represent a part of your character, who is expressing feelings and thoughts to the viewer.

Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling: How Does It Work?

Has anybody who like coffee ever gone to a tea leaf reading and thought to themselves, “Why shouldteaget get all the divination glory?” If so, you are not alone. Remember, you are not alone in your experience, and fortunately for you, there is a coffee fortune-telling service! In this post, we’ll take a humorous look at the practice of fortune-telling over a cup of coffee. We’ll go into the historical and cultural underpinnings of coffee fortune-telling, as well as compare and contrast the customs and ceremonies of coffee divination and tea leaf reading, and we’ll offer you some pointers on how to give it a try yourself afterwards.

A Brief History of Tasseography: The Art of Reading Turkish Coffee Grounds

When it comes to divining future events from tea leaves, wine sediments, or coffee grounds, tasseography is a general term that refers to any effort to do so by reading tea leaves, wine sediments, or coffee grounds. It is one of humanity’s oldest traditions to predict the future using leftovers in a teacup, but the practice of forecasting the future by reading leftovers in a teacup came to the Western world via trade lines between Asia and the British Empire. However, while it is impossible to trace the exact beginnings of the art of tea leaf reading in general, a book titled Reading Tea Leaves, produced probably in the 18th century, is the first publication on the subject of reading tea leaves in particular.

After being brewed, unfiltered coffee leaves a thick layer of sediment behind, which forms interesting patterns that challenge would-be forecasters to try their hand at deciphering.

The degustation of Turkish coffee grounds is part of the Ottoman Cuisine experience. Photo credit: Alpha, FlickrCC 2.0 Generic (originally uploaded by alpha).

Super-Fine Grinds and Superstitions

Turkish coffee is ground to a fine, powdery consistency, making it harder to filter and more convenient to simply leave in the cup, resulting in the swirls and patterns that are employed in coffee fortune-telling rituals. Despite the fact that the practice of coffee divination is extremely personalized, there are certain common guidelines that the majority of practitioners adhere to in order to perpetuate tradition. In one popular approach, the cup is divided in half, with one half being used to detect previous occurrences and the other half being used to forecast the future.

A given symbol or pattern that appears in one half of the image will be regarded positively, whilst the same symbol or pattern that appears in the other half will be interpreted negatively.

This is the starting point for virtually all Turkish coffee fortune-telling sessions.

Common Patterns and Themes

In case you’d want to experiment with coffee reading for yourself, here are some frequent patterns to look out for. The ability to connect them in a way that tells a story is something that takes time and practice to learn, and it is here that the true talent in tasseography rests.


The aspirations of a person are represented by vertical streaks running down the cup’s walls. A trail of coffee that goes all the way to the lip of the cup is suggestive of a promising future for the aim that it represents, according to the symbolism. The presence of incomplete lines indicates uncertainty and the possibility that the objective may not be accomplished.


In the financial world, a modest cluster of dots indicates that your financial future is promising.


Change is represented by triangular patterns. Interestingly, this pattern is connected to the delta symbol, which is used in mathematics to denote gaps between numbers and quantities that are changing or changing over time.


The use of round shapes and circles denotes accomplishment and completion.


The forms of rectangles and squares indicate comfort and tranquility, and they herald the arrival of peaceful days ahead.


When it comes to coffee readings, numbers have a double meaning. Alternatively, a specific number might symbolize a basic period of time; for example, a “2” in combination with a vertical line reaching the border of a cup could suggest attaining a goal within the next 2 weeks Besides having concrete meanings, numbers can have abstract meanings. The following are some common interpretations of each number:

  • 0 represents repetition
  • 1 represents a fresh start
  • 2 represents a fork in the path
  • 3 represents a meeting
  • 4 represents impending catastrophe
  • 5 represents success
  • 6 represents sexuality. 7: The beginning of a new relationship
  • 8: Good fortune
  • 9: An opportunity

The Truth of Coffee Fortune-Telling

Of all, the pattern produced in the bottom of a mug of Turkish coffee does not have any predictive potential, but the art and practice of coffee reading are both entertaining and entertaining. Professional coffee ground readers are skilled at deciphering the intentions of their clients, and they can conjure up extraordinary tales from seemingly little signs and symbols in your mug. Please take advantage of the chance to read over a cup of coffee if you have the opportunity. Being able to see a master weave a tale out of thin threads with little to go on is a wonderful sight to behold.

Reading the coffee grinds for someone else can help you become more aware of other people’s moods and body language as a result of the experience.

Brew a cup of Turkish coffee and turn the grinds over to see what you can come up with the next time you make it. We already know what you’re going to see, but we won’t tell you what it is. Featured Image courtesy of grandbrothers and

How To Read Coffee Grounds In Three Simple Steps

Discover your future with the ancient art of coffee reading! Here’s how to accomplish that in three easy steps. 1To check your coffee grounds, flip the cup over after you have finished your drink and allow the sediment to fall to the bottom of the cup. Turn the cup over and you’ll be able to begin reading your future once the grounds are completely dry. Secondly, allow your gaze to go through the many squiggly lines that show when you first glance into the cup. Relax. As you continue to stare at the coffee, you could discover an image of a bird or a flower on the side of the cup.

  1. The more you practice, the more proficient you will become.
  2. 3 Not only do the grounds include significant symbolic meanings, but so does the site as a whole as well.
  3. This is the point that indicates the current time.
  4. It is also said that the cup itself operates on a 12-month clock.
  5. The symbols on the bottom of the cup reflect your family and personal life, and they are positioned directly at the bottom of the cup.
  6. GUIDELINES FOR THE GROUNDS ANGEL – You should feel safe.
  7. BIRD – You will receive urgent news or a crucial letter in the near future.CAT – Be on the lookout for a phony buddy.
  8. HAT – Someone is attempting to conceal their genuine motives.
  9. MOUNTAIN – A situation appears to be extremely difficult and will need a significant amount of effort.
  10. SNAKE – Be on the lookout for someone who is not what they appear to be.
  11. VOLCANO – It is possible that a heated exchange may develop.
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Turkish Coffee Reading: Fortunes, Methods, and Mysteries

Discover your fate with the help of the skill of reading coffee cups. Listed here are three easy actions to follow. 1To check your coffee grounds, flip the cup over after you have finished your drink and allow the sediment to fall to the bottom of the saucer. You may then turn the cup over and begin reading your destiny as soon as the grounds are completely dry. Secondly, allow your gaze to travel beyond the many squiggly lines that show when you first glance into the cup. Relax. It’s possible that you’ll notice an image of a bird or a flower as you continue to examine the coffee.

  • Practicing will improve your skills as time goes on.
  • 3 Important symbolic meanings are conveyed not just by the grounds, but also by the site’s position.
  • Present moment is represented by this posture.
  • It is also said that the cup itself operates on a 12-month clock as well.
  • Families and personal relationships are represented by symbols that are situated directly at the bottom of the cup.
  • A GUIDE TO THE TERRESTRIALS Protected by an angel.
  • BIRD – You will receive vital news or a letter in the near future.CAT – Be on the lookout for a phony acquaintance.
  • CLOTHING – Someone is attempting to hide their genuine intentions from the public.
  • The issue appears to be quite difficult and will demand a great deal of effort.

SNAKE – Be on the lookout for someone who may not be what they appear to be It’s possible that you’re the target of rumor and speculation. The eruption of a volcano might result in a heated exchange. WHEN THE WATER FALLS – Someone will open out to you and share their deepest feelings with you.

Saba Hocek, New York City

Saba Hocek has been studying and practicing coffee ground reading since she was sixteen years old. “I’ve always had a strong sense of intuition. I’d experience dreams, but they’d be premonition-like visions. A particular fragrance would permeate my nostrils whenever I was in imminent peril.” Clarity of perception is referred to as clairvoyance in the psychic realm, and it indicates a high level of sensitivity or awareness. Hocek, who is Turkish, claims that her entire family have intuitive abilities.

  • It’s a really important component of our society.” Our future is not in the hands of the stars, but rather in our own hands.
  • She enrolled in the school there, and one day after school, she walked out with the other students to a café and bought a cup of coffee.
  • She didn’t want to disappoint her newfound acquaintances.
  • It was the first time I’d done something like this, but I’d seen my mother do it hundreds of times, so I figured I’d give it a go.
  • She was skeptical, but she offered a reading she believed to be accurate.
  • She went on to become a computer programmer, and despite the fact that she was born in the United States, she has lived in Turkey, Iran, Austria, Germany, and other countries.
  • “I restarted my business around ten years ago.” Hocek felt compelled to resume practicing because she believes it gives individuals more power, according to her.
  • “The ability to empower others is the most essential thing to me.
  • I want to educate individuals how to be more receptive to the possibilities and abilities that they already have inside themselves.
  • Everything revolves around being conscious.

According to Hocek, “all of this is extremely different from reading tarot cards.” “The key things I look for in the cup are not so much to say, ‘Oh, this is going to happen or that is going to happen to you in three months,’ as they are to say, “Oh, this is going to happen or that is going to happen to you in three months.” She goes on to say, “My curiosity is piqued by the prospect of discovering what obstacles stand in the way of you reaching your objective as quickly as possible.

Let’s imagine someone walks into the office and expresses dissatisfaction with their current position and a desire to pursue another one.

They will be able to achieve their objectives faster if they are aware of this.

“I’d like to believe that the power is not in my hands, but rather in theirs instead. It is waking an overall consciousness, or a feeling of the realizations that this individual has to come to in order to reach their full potential, that I am interested in seeing in the cup while I’m reading.”

Sema Bal, Queens, New York

According to Sema Bal, the technique is mainly about assisting individuals in reconnecting with loved ones who have passed on. Turkish coffee grinds, not creamy coffee, is what she sees. One of Bal’s most notable accomplishments is her one-time participation in season 7 of the Bravo reality series The Real Housewives of New York City, which she hosted. Carole Radziwill, Heather Thomson, and Dorinda Medley are three housewives who, in that episode, are subjected to a reading that prompted the audience to gasp in response.

  1. “He’s apologizing for some reason,” says the author.
  2. “He’s like a husband who has died away,” Bal describes him as being.
  3. “Does anyone have a black Jeep?” says the narrator.
  4. There is nothing quite like a dream to help you see your future.
  5. Bal works out of her house in Woodhaven, a neighborhood in the borough of Queens in New York City that has a population of roughly 28,000 people.
  6. Instead than doing readings over the phone or over the mail, Bal exclusively performs them in person or via an image of coffee grinds provided via email or normal mail.
  7. The game of fal, according to Bal, who was born in Apapazri, Turkey, is played by everyone there; it’s a casual, enjoyable game among friends: “My mother, father, and the rest of my family enjoyed reading Turkish coffee grinds.
  8. My mother used to say, ‘You can only tell them what you believe the text implies,’ but everyone interprets it differently.” Bal agrees.
  9. The reading of Turkish coffee grounds is by far the most well-known type of tasseography now in use, but it is not the only kind of fortune telling that can be performed with the aid of a cup of hot coffee.
  10. Despite the fact that its beginnings are obscure, this form of reading may be traced back to Latin America.

Jorianne, Crown Point, Indiana

The woman who only goes by her first name, Jorianne, has been interpreting pictures in coffee mugs for more than three decades. She is based in Crown Point, Indiana, an incorporated town of roughly 27,000 people that is about an hour’s drive south of Chicago. She works from her house and office there. In addition to appearing on several television shows and hosting her own psychic radio show, Jorianne has written and talked widely about her career. Jorianne is a pleasant woman with Midwestern manners and the charm of your favorite cool aunt.

“The reality is that I used to drink 30 to 40 cups of coffee a day, and I absolutely adore caffeine — this is not a joke,” she admits with a chuckle.

However, she soon realized she needed to change her business model.

Are the forms in the clouds in the sky similar to what you’re seeing?

Who’s to declare what’s best?

During one of my first attempts at this, I saw a shattered bone.

That signifies death, but I didn’t want to start the conversation with terrible news, so I didn’t say anything.

“I knew I had to say something,” I thought.

“He gasped,” she recalls, adding, “and he said, ‘Jorianne, eight of my buddies have just passed away.'” “It was at that point that coffee became my passion, and I became really proficient at it.” The civilizations of the future are the empires of the intellect, not the empires of the body.

However, despite the fact that she has no links to traditional Turkish coffee readings, Jorianne has built a successful profession around herself.

Over the phone, she will also read the contents of people’s cups.

When she laughs, she continues, “I tell people that I used French roast till the French were cruel to us.” Afterwards, a generous amount of half-and-half is added.

“Half-and-half gives the most colorful designs,” she concludes.

For example, Jorianne describes seeing “facial features,” “numbers,” “body parts,” “babies,” “animals,” “books,” and “trees,” to mention a few things.

When Jorianne speaks of clairvoyance and aura, she refers to herself as a “professional psychic transmedian.” “I’ve seen incredible things,” she says.

It is possible that she has seen persons with translators, as well as one hearing-impaired person with a hearing interpreter.

Women come in inquiring about love, while men come in asking about love and wealth, according to Jorianne.

When I pour the cream into the container, it will occasionally bubble up.

‘Yes, there are some myths regarding coffee readings, as well as psychics in general.

You shouldn’t give your wealth to someone who says to you, “You have a black cloud over your head,” and then demands that you give them all of your gold.” Jorianne is well aware that she does not have the ability to alter anyone’s fate.

Occasionally, I’ll tell them that they should get professional help.

“Can you teach me how to predict the future?” The following is one of Jorianne’s favorite stories: “Once a woman came in and I read her cup.

Jorianne claims she has no recollection of the woman, despite the fact that it had been over two decades since she had last seen her.

What if Jorianne had been reading that little girl’s cup and had seen into the future?

In a world full of uncertainty, was she just sending a message of hope to the people around her?

“I love helping others, and that is the truth,” she adds.

When it comes to the majority of the world’s population, Turkish coffee reading is nothing more than a guide to their day.

Whether you’re high on caffeine or not, the power of suggestion may be greater than the power of the stars — or the power of a pot of dirty coffee grounds. Unless otherwise stated, all photographs are by Matthew Kang.

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