How To Decorate A Glass Coffee Table? (Solution)

  • Try a vase, bowl, candle or paperweight either on or between squarer items to break up the lines and add visual interest, as was done in this living room by Haven Design and Construction. Play with heights. Another way to add energy to your coffee table look is by playing with the heights of items. The rule of three can apply here as well.


How do you dress a coffee table?

Coffee table styling ideas – 10 ways to style a coffee table

  1. Pare back coffee table styling.
  2. Use curves to create a contrast.
  3. Style up a coffee table tray.
  4. Keep coffee table styling simple.
  5. Play with levels.
  6. Get scale and proportion right.
  7. Maximize texture and shape.
  8. Use the coffee table to introduce an accent color.

How do you decorate a coffee side table?

Stack books and place decorative objects, like bowls or a vase of flowers, on top of each. Individual stacks will help make it feel more compact and less cluttered. See more at Amber Interiors. If you’ve got an upholstered coffee table, like an ottoman, try using a runner to play with patterns.

What do you put on the bottom of a coffee table?

You can use the under the table space to store whatever you like: put pillows, blankets, books and other stuff there. If you have a clear glass or acrylic table, they will be part of your decor, and if it’s not sheer, they will be hidden, which means your space will be less cluttered.

How do you decorate an occasional table?

You can put decorative items that play with height in a shallow basket or tray or keep necessities together like a remote, book, candle, or plant. Small accent tables usually don’t need a tray or anything to group decor together but if you do add one, make sure it doesn’t overwhelm the table. Add plants or flowers.

How do I protect the top of my coffee table?

Prevention is key

  1. Keep coasters and trays handy.
  2. Wipe up spills immediately with a paper towel or clean cloth.
  3. Don’t slide things across your coffee table surface.
  4. Keep the table away from heating vents or radiators to prevent cracking and splitting.

How do you display on a coffee table?

On square coffee tables, try dividing the surface into quadrants and display an arrangement of four main items: A stack of books, a tall plant, a tray, or a collection of bowls, for example. This grid feels organized and dynamic at the same time. Move items the four quadrants until you reach the best display.

How do you style a night table?

how to style your nightstand. Add a small clock for minimal decor and functionality. Stack smaller items on books to add height variance across the surface for visual interest. Add a set of 2-3 frames with your own art or photography or add artwork that embodies the color palette of the room in a subtle way.

How do you paint a coffee table?

Primer is applied just as paint is: with a sprayer, roller or paint brush, based on personal preference. For best results, use a primer made by the same manufacturer as the paint you choose for your table. Always use a type of paint designed for the material of your coffee table, such as wood, plastic or metal.

What kind of paint will stick to glass?

Acrylic enamel paints bond to a wide variety of surfaces—glass included—and form a hard shell that helps ensure your color stays in place.

What can I do with a glass table top?

Glass table tops are highly versatile items that are used in three distinct ways: to replace damaged table glass, to create a custom table, and to cover an existing surface.

How to Style Glass Coffee Table in 3 Ways

Today I’d like to give some ideas for decorating your glass coffee table to make your living area look more inviting. My three various coffee table style looks will use decors that you can readily locate at home, regardless of whether or not your home has a large or extensive decor collection. Beads, candle, cloche, and books in black

The most important place to decorate in your living room

The coffee table is most likely one of the most prominent features of a living area. As a result, especially due to the large amount of flat surface area, it is a natural spot to incorporate individuality and beauty into your room. Given that I own a glass-topped coffee table, I’d like to share some ideas for decorating a coffee table with you. So, let me introduce. Three different ways to style your coffee table! a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table a coffee table These three coffee table style ideas have been given a personal touch by me: Due to the fact that I live in a tiny house (1000sqft) and am on a path to become more minimalist with my stuff, I don’t have a lot of dedicated storage space for items that are strictly for decoration.

Instead, I want to be more selective about the items I bring home, keeping just the necessities that are both beautiful and practical in my house.

The goal is to repurpose décor things that aren’t absolutely necessary.

Regarding home décor, I’m developing a capsule collection of pieces that I can mix and match to create distinct and unique moods for my coffee table depending on the season or mood I’m in.

How to style a glass coffee table

When it comes to decorating on glass coffee tables, there are a few things to keep in mind that are different from designing on other types of coffee tables. Because glass is a see-through material, I would be cautious about what you position above and below the glass surface. In order to get a diverse texture, I normally avoid layering on too much glass ornamentation. If I were to do so, I would avoid using glass décor that is the same color or texture as the surrounding walls, and instead use glass decor that is a different color or texture, such as this candle hurricane with a ribbed surface.

Because glass is a very reflective and polished surface, it can reveal any lint or dirt that may be present. In general, I will attempt to avoid placing objects on the glass coffee table top that are fuzzy or that shed a lot of light on the table surface.

glass coffee table styling in 3 ways video

To gain basic ideas for a variety of home décor projects, it is usually beneficial to view a movie beforehand. As a result, I prepared this video to guide you through my coffee table decoration process while also highlighting a few important themes that I’m including into this design. You may watch it by clicking on the video link below. You may view more films like this by subscribing to my YouTube channel.

glass coffee table decorating ideas – 3 looks breakdown

Because my coffee table is rather huge, I want to make certain that I have at the very least a substantial item that can anchor the room and give it some weight. With a large hurricane glass that I use as a vase and a bouquet of tulips inside, I created this image. This week, I purchased a bouquet of tulips at Trader Joe’s for around $11, and it is really stunning. Love the cream hue with light pink stripes on the petals, which reminds me of the white ceramic pieces on the covers of some of my favorite books.

  • Because a stack of books can often appear to be flat, I added some minor ornamentation to increase the height of the stack while also adding more forms.
  • Because I like pottery-making in my spare time, I have a large collection of rounded ceramic pieces to choose from.
  • In addition, I sent a candle from my favorite candle company, Cie Trudon.
  • One decorating tip: if you want to utilize dark colors in your décor but yet want it to appear light and bright, use them just on little pieces of furniture.
  • For example, in this design, I utilized two groups on the glass coffee table, which I believe works nicely because they are balanced but not perfectly symmetrical with one another.

Coffee tables styling idea 2 – soft and romantic, with light color palette

Concept No.2 for a coffee table decoration is based on idea No.1, but I’m changing out a few elements to create a softer and more romantic atmosphere. First, I changed the appearance of the tulips by opening up the petals of the tulips. Tulips are transformed into something completely different by this technique, which I discovered at a florist. I really adore it. Additionally, it gives the bouquet of flowers a more significant visual presence. This floral technique works especially well when the flowers are a little older and have a tendency to open up more organically.

  1. Although I preserved the bookshelf, I rotated the books around so that they were facing the white pages rather than the spines.
  2. I placed a rattan coaster on top of the books to offer some natural texture and interest.
  3. A light minty green dish was put on top of the coaster, and that was all.
  4. On top of that, I swapped out the black beads for white beads in order to lighten up the color palette while still retaining the organic lines in this coffee tabletop arrangement.

Beads in white color It needed something different, so I added a tiny vase with some rabbit tail grass to make it stand out. It’s a nice bit of whimsy, which I appreciate. I also rotated the books a little to give it a more dynamic appearance, as well as creating some room for the little vase.

Coffee tables styling idea 3 – boho, collected,Anthropologie inspired

Now let’s go on to the third look, which I’ll define as “boho and collected.” Perhaps anything you’ve seen in an Anthropologie store as a retail display will work for you. It’s a variant on the first look, with some similarities in the decor but a distinct mood and composition overall. I’ve decided to replace the tulips with some greenery. I cut down all of the seeded eucalyptus in the area where I reside. In contrast to flowers, these eucalyptus branches exude a humorous and laid-back atmosphere.

  1. You can find a DIY instruction with a video on this project on my website, which you may visit.
  2. As a result, I utilized the candle set for the third pile.
  3. I draped the chain of beads over the top of the box to provide extra texture and interest.
  4. Then I get the impression that the top is lacking something spherical.
  5. Because of the variety of textures and forms included in this design, I believe it to be the most eclectic of the three looks presented here.

Coffee table decorating essentials

Styling a coffee table is always a great deal of pleasure to do. I hope you found my advice useful and that you like the many design suggestions I provided. It’s time to get creative with your own coffee table decor! For your consideration, I’d like to know which of the three glass coffee table designs you prefer the most. Please share your thoughts in the comments section! MyDomaineandElle Decor has some further suggestions for coffee table decoration and style if you’re seeking for extra inspiration in that area.

Other decorating ideas

Makeover for a cigar box at home Spring console table makeover with a homemade rattan wrapped glass vase

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Trevor Tondro Photography is a family owned and operated business. The coffee table has a central position in the living area. While it can serve as a dumping ground for remote controls and magazines, it can also be a place where your personal style can shine through. Even though there is some science involved in creating a stunning tablescape, such as using objects of varying heights, most of the magic comes from a thoughtful combination of flowers, books, trays, and other unexpected objects.

  • Ricardo Labougle1of 41Organic Modernism is a type of modernism that is organic in nature.
  • With the exception of one tiny thing, leave the tabletop bare.
  • Roger Casas2 of 41Jewel-Box Ottomans by Roger Casas As an alternative to the traditional cocktail table in this Eileen Gray-inspired living room, designer Alexandra Loew used three small ottomans upholstered in Pierre Frey fabrics in place of the traditional piece.
  • Matthew Williams3of 41Undulating Sculpture by Matthew Williams Keeping multiple accessories on a tufted ottoman in balance can be difficult, so a pro tip is to use a decorative object on a tray as a center point.
  • The 41Leaflike Cocktail Table was designed by Eric Piasecki.
  • Decorate the top of the table with simple accessories, such as a flower-filled urn and a low bowl.
  • Antique Cocktail Table, number 5 of 41 Cherry blossoms in a Georg Jensen vase add a sense of earthiness and lightness to a neutral space with high ceilings.

Trevor Tondro Photography is a family owned and operated business.

It doesn’t take up as much visual space as an all-wood design, for instance, and it keeps the focus on your display.

An eye-catching sculptural item or vase containing your favorite blooms is sometimes all that’s needed to complete a living room design.

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Plus, it’s the perfect conversation starter, something necessary for every interior.

SHOP THE LOOK Björn Wallander 11of 41 Stick to a Single Color The circa-1950 Sphere cocktail table and lamp in this Buenos Airesliving roomare byJean Royère.

SHOP THE LOOK Simon Upton12of 41Light It Up A duo of candelabras ties this living room’s gold elements together in glamorous harmony.

SHOP THE LOOK Stephen Kent Johnson 13of 41 Go Minimalist When Furniture Is Heavy Eric Piasecki 14of 41 Add Some Height A feathery floral arrangement keeps the vibe of thisfamily roomnook cozy while adding height and drawing the eye up to the artwork by Zipora Fried.

SHOP THE LOOK Richard Powers15of 41Display Your Art A bust sits on a cocktail table from India in the living room of designer John Robshaw’sConnecticut home.

Björn Wallander16of 41Mix Rustic with Refined The cocktail table inside designer Rela Gleason’s San Miguel de Allende, Mexico,homeis an inverted polished tree stump, and a stone mill wheel serves as a side table.

SHOP THE LOOK Douglas Friedman17of 41 Create Levels of Interest A three-level coffee table sets the stage for drama in thisChicago living room.

SHOP THE LOOK Eric Piasecki18of 41 Choose a Statement Table If your table makes a statement on its own, whatever you place on top of it is just a bonus!

Atop the striped table are an array of stylish books, fresh flowers, and chic trinkets.

The glass cocktail table byFredrikson Stallard (right)is filled with feathers, the round side table is byHolly Hunt, the lamp atop it is byCharles Paris,and the custom rug is byTai Ping.

The petite Thebes-style cane stools that accompany it are vintage.

In the living room, the owners have opted for a vintage side table from France instead of a cocktail table.

Shop The Look Tim Street-Porter22of 41 Stagger Small Round Tables Stephen Kent Johnson23of 41 Top an Ottoman with a Tray Richard Powers24of 41 Don’t Forget Flowers Adorn your glass cocktail table with fresh flowers for instant style.

Shop The Look Ricardo Labougle25of 41Accent with a Single Dish If your coffee table is tiny in size, like the one in thisSão Paulo duplex, all it needs is one of your favorite artisanbowls or platesto elevate it—especially if the rest of the room boasts maximalist decor.

In an apartment on New York City’s Sutton Place,trinkets and miniature sculpturesgive the living room a chic but eclectic vibe.

The visual illusion itself is the decorative piece—simple and effective.

It is topped with meticulously stacked sets of books and a sprinkling of trinkets that ensure the colorful table is still visible.

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40 Fresh Coffee Table Decor Ideas

The chances are excellent that your coffee table is one of the most significant elements in your living room unless you have embarked on a living room revolution and have removed it. It is so much more than a place to put your feet up or a place to set a glass of wine on your coffee table. It serves as an anchor for your living room’s ottomans, armchairs, and couches because it is the main point of the space. Because your coffee table is such an important aspect of your living area, it is critical that it is created to the highest standards.

Don’t worry, we’ve come up with 40 unique methods to spice up your coffee table design.

Aviva Falk and Nick Bonham’s Brooklyn home is decorated in a way that is both lively and feminine while still being useful.

3. Create an Artful Arrangement

Using a few eye-catching design items, you can transform a low-lying coffee table into a true piece of art. A geometric sculpture and malachite stone may be seen in this California vacation property.

4. Get the Tray Treatment

On a coffee table, a lovely catchall tray may make a big difference. Example: Apartment Therapy editor Tayrn Williford’s Atlanta, Georgia loft where she used a sleek tray to keep controllers, matches, and other small items organized on a huge travertine coffee table was one such example.

5. Try a Two-Tiered Table

Are you looking for a unique method to inject some major glitz and glitter into your living room? Place some eye-catching art artifacts on the lower level of a transparent, two-tiered coffee table to create a statement without taking up too much room on the table’s surface area. Check outBrittaney Elise Minton’s New York City residences and see for yourself how it’s done properly. You can always rely on a little greenery to liven up a drab coffee table setting. Take inspiration from Linda Cava’s Brooklyn home and place a few of succulents in small pots on your coffee table to enliven your area with natural elements, just like she did in her own home.

If you’re a minimalist, you’ll be delighted to know that you may merely adorn the top of a two-tiered table, which is ideal for storing items beneath it.

9. Create a Museum-Worthy Spread

It’s clear that whomever claimed a coffee table couldn’t be designed to seem like a museum exhibit has never seen Scott Jarrell and Kristan Cunningham’s downtown Los Angeles home. Create a similar gallery-style display in your living room by arranging a few creative items and unique ornaments on your own coffee table.

Are you looking for a quick and easy method to jazz up your coffee table in minutes? Take a cue from Anne and Steve’s Cape Town house and arrange a strand of natural beads on your coffee table to serve as decoration.

12. Embrace Your Eclectic Side

When combined with an eye-catching arrangement of flowers or a humorous knickknack, such as the dinosaur toy we discovered in Hallie Glennie’s Chicago loft, a strong collection of art items, books, and flowers can transform any coffee table into a fashionable setting in minutes. In certain cases, too much of a good thing may be quite beneficial, such as when it comes to adorning your coffee table. As an illustration, considerPeti Lau’s residence in New York City. The coffee table in the room is a mixture of books, candles, magazines, catchalls, and decorations that adds just the right amount of elegance to the area.

14. Spruce it up With Symmetry

When it comes to decorating your coffee table, keep in mind that positioning is important as well. Uneven coffee table surfaces may be easily updated with a symmetrical arrangement, such as the two stacks of books split by an indoor plant terrarium in the center we noticed in Carly Berlin’s New York City rental.

15. Add Some Cute Coasters

Just a few eye-catching coasters can make a huge difference on a plain coffee table. Make use of a few of artistic coasters on your coffee table to add a splash of flair to your living room decor. Cindy Zhang’s San Francisco studio is home to a vinyl record that has been transformed into a roller coaster.

16. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

The greater the size of the coffee table, the greater the design opportunities. Genevieve Bandrowski and Ashley Campbell followed in their footsteps by purchasing a large-scale coffee table with built-in storage so they could decorate it to their hearts’ content, much as they did in their Oakland, California rental. As the Chicago homes of Luke and Claire Staszak demonstrate, a single décor element might be all that is needed to create a statement on a coffee table. A single (yet visually appealing) decorative object, such as a brightly colored tray or a large book, can have a significant influence on a coffee table’s overall appearance.

It’s astonishing how a few books or magazines, precisely positioned on your coffee table, can seem so modern and design-savvy, much like we saw in Carina Michelli’s Buenos Aires house.

19. Organize With a Basket

Is there not a lot of storage space on your coffee table where you work? It’s not an issue. A tiny but stylish storage basket may be tucked neatly beneath your coffee table to provide additional space for storing items. Check out Meghan and Jesse Arlen’s Los Angeles home for some design ideas. The addition of one large plant may completely change the look of your coffee table surface in a matter of seconds. Following in the footsteps of Alison and Derek Fandel, employ a huge, lush green houseplant to anchor a long coffee table, as we saw in their Atlanta, Georgia living room.

After all, why limit yourself to just one fashionable accent piece on your coffee table when you can have two? Follow the lead of Lita Lee’s Canadian crib and arrange a lush green houseplant on top of a well decorated tray or basket to create twice the impact.

22. Create a Colorful Surface

Trying to figure out how to bring all of the different colors in your living room together without making a mistake? Decorate the surface of your coffee table with accent objects that are derived from the color scheme of the space, as we saw in Des Ellis’ Houston, Texas, house in the video above. Small accent chairs, such as the ones we discovered in Clara Marina’s Barcelona home, are a creative way to spice up a simple coffee table while also providing some child-sized seating in your living room.

Consider following in the footsteps of Katy and Jules and using a pitcher to contain flowers or plants for an unexpectedly stylish coffee table arrangement, much as they did in their London living room.

The coffee table-turned-planter inChelsea Pursley’s Austin, Texas rental is ideal for cultivating little plants because it doesn’t require any additional containers.

We discovered a little pyramid sculpture in Cindy Epping’s Portland, Oregon living room, and it was a good contrast to the coffee table, which was also geometric in design.

30. Master the Pared-Down Look

Ana Kamin’s flat in San Francisco makes a strong case for the use of neutral colors. The minimal elements in this setting enhance the coffee table’s eye-catching design without overwhelming it in any way. Angela’s Portland, Oregon house has a low-lying coffee table, which is a perfect place to display little (but prized!) trinkets and knick-knacks. A few beautifully picked, brightly colored pieces may easily outshine a clear coffee table. Among the highlights of Salvatore and Amina’s downtown Los Angeles rental are a glass-topped coffee table enlivened by vibrant flowers and a smorgasbord of rainbow origami accessories.

When in doubt, a pair of neatly placed piles of books or magazines can always be relied upon to liven up a coffee table.

35. Invest in Transparent Pieces

Clear furniture are fantastic for giving the impression of greater space in a tiny room, and Felicity Graham Sargent’s Brooklyn studio is no exception.

As opposed to cramming her small living room zone with bold and heavy decorative things, she chose a glass coffee table and translucent accent pieces to keep the area looking clean and clear. “It’s all about balance,” she says.

36. Specialize in Sneaky Storage

Are you looking for a method to decorate your coffee table in a minimalist manner? A coffee table with built-in storage, such as the one seen in Melissa and Ramzy’s Canadian home, allows you to keep your favorite reading materials within easy reach at all times (sans the unsightly clutter). Nothing helps you make the most of a limited area like versatile furnishings. Using a few of soft floor cushions or poufs below your coffee table, you can transform it into a temporary eating area, exactly as we saw in Soffia Gardarsdottir’s farmhouse in Alftanes, Iceland.

  • As seen in the Brooklyn home of Shelley Worrell and Janluk Stanislas, a dresser may be transformed into a coffee table.
  • Looking for a foolproof method to inject some color into your living room?
  • On your coffee table, a couple of vividly colored decorative pieces, such as the neon yellow and pink vases we discovered in Steve and Heather Sack’s San Francisco home, may provide a flash of color to the area without overwhelming the space.
  • Caroline is a writer who now resides in New York City.

30 Glass Coffee Tables that Bring Transparency to Your Living Room

The coffee table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any living area. It is placed in the middle of the action, generally immediately next to the sofa, and is usually carrying a tray of baked goods, books, or other decorative items. It is a structural feature with a significant functional purpose, but how it appears is quite important. It might be a piece that is totally consistent with the rest of the interior or a piece that sticks out from the rest. A glass coffee table is highly versatile, as it can be used to both blend in and stand out at the same time in a room.

Glassy and Eye-Catching Designs

Because glass is transparent, it performs admirably in direct sunlight. In this way, sunlight passes directly through it, creating a well-lit space that is not burdened by the furniture and instead seems bright and radiant. For those who like their room to be filled with as much light as possible, nearly giving the impression that they are indoors, a glass table should be at the top of their shopping list. RELATED: 30 Coffee Tables with a Lively Edge That Will Transform Your Living Room Play around with decorating your coffee table and you’ll discover that it may function as a stand-alone design element that is just stunning!

  • Pair your translucent coffee table with a white coffee table that emanates elegance and minimalism just as much as your transparent coffee table, but adds a special element to the decor for a blended and unique style!
  • Perfect coffee tables are created when usefulness and the current fashions come together.
  • The minimalist aesthetic is tranquil and uncluttered, making it an excellent choice for individuals who seek peace and quiet in their homes.
  • Glass captures a lot of light, but if you combine it with silver, you get the finest combination possible!
  • According to what you are aware of, geometric forms are increasingly becoming a must-have item in contemporary living environments.
  • A geometric glass coffee table will almost certainly meet this need and will also offer a great deal of dynamism and transparency to the room!

Even when the sun isn’t shining brightly, the glass will collect the majority of the available light and reflect it directly into the room, illuminating it in a natural and attractive manner!

Exquisite, Transparent Coffee Table

Does a crowded living room rank among the worst things that can happen to you? The fact that we all want our living spaces to seem open and breezy does not preclude the fact that we also want them to be comfortable! What may appear to be an impossible task can be simply accomplished with the addition of a translucent coffee table that does not clutter the space but instead opens it up and instantly makes it feel larger! RELATED: How to Decorate Around a Black Coffee Table in a Bold and Glamorous Way With a lot of furniture in your living room, a transparent coffee table looks like the greatest option since it allows all of the other pieces to stand out more clearly!

  1. Somehow, the use of glass transforms the entire space into something spacious, airy, and incredibly massive!
  2. When placed in a space that can already claim of its spaciousness, the glass coffee table will give the impression that the living room is even larger.
  3. Sometimes one coffee table isn’t enough – either because we have too many objects to set on them or because our living room is so large that we want to make it seem cozier and more intimate.
  4. Glass tables, which make the area appear cleaner and more expansive in a living room with a dark interior, are ideal for this type of space.
  5. Choosing a glass table will allow you to capture the full spirit of a minimalist style.
  6. Another fantastic example of how your glass table can be the focal point of your room while still remaining beautiful and ever so subtle at the same time is shown below.
  7. It is possible to feel claustrophobic in a living room that has been designed to accommodate a large number of people, especially if the furniture is arranged such that it creates the sense of a tight area by facing each other.

Blending In With Your Living Room

Coffee tables may be the most noticeable piece of furniture in a room, and they can even become the focal point of the whole area. Another option is to just match the coffee table to the surrounding decor, resulting in an orderly and uniform home environment. An elegant glass coffee table may easily fit in with any selected décor and bring out the best in the furniture that surrounds it because of its simplicity and transparency. RELATED: 50 Stunning Coffee Tables to Welcome in the New Year with a Golden Glint A glass coffee table that is inspired by the newest contemporary styles is the ideal addition to a modern living space that is in desperate need of a progressive item!

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If you have a living space that is predominantly neutral in color, a glass table with metallic legs is a fantastic alternative.

It gives the impression that the things placed on it are floating!

White, basic, and uncluttered. A modern living room with an extremely fresh and elegant design would have these characteristics as its primary characteristics. A striking coffee table may upset the balance, but a glass coffee table is a perfect match!

Something Glamorous

Having a bright living room makes us feel more alive and lively since it contains many aspects that capture our attention. A transparent coffee table is the perfect element for such a setting, as it is both stylish and functional at the same time. If you have already decided on what will be the final focal point of your living room, you will need a coffee table that will complement the philosophy of your living room. Because of its entire transparency, a beautiful sofa cannot be overpowered by a coffee table that nearly appears to be invisible in comparison.

Because a mismatched coffee table might detract from the room’s overall cooler appeal, a transparent glass table is an excellent alternative for retaining the room’s real vitality, as it just blends in and reflects the room’s relaxing neutral color scheme.

It appears as though the hat has always been a part of it.

An elegant glass table with a neutral frame would be an excellent match for this description.

How to Decorate a Coffee Table

The Rule of Three (also known as the Rule of Threes) Three is a strong number in the design world, and it is no different when it comes to designing your coffee table. A collection of three objects may be used to create a table of any size or form, and they are virtually infallible. Do you require the services of a professional for your interior design project? Allow Houzz to find the most qualified professionals for you. Consider the fact that the three-part “rule” is really only a guideline rather than a rigid policy.

  • The vase is one object in the living room designed by Alvhem MäkleriInteriör, the tiny covered dish is another, and the pair of candlesticks might be regarded a third.
  • Coffee tables may be found at a variety of stores.
  • Despite the fact that there are theoretically more than three things, the little groupings are sufficiently separated to be apparent and distinct.
  • What criteria do you use to determine which goods to purchase?
  • Locate an interior designer in your area.
  • Despite the fact that this skillfully decorated coffee table contains a variety of goods, the overall appearance is still nice and ordered.
  • Beautiful books (or other flat things like as serving trays or even beautiful magazines) serve as a terrific foundation for layering and decorating.

This is the simplest method.

You may even utilize the rule of three again in each subgrouping to add even more design magic to your project.

The addition of books provides intelligent structure, but if every piece is rectangular, the overall effect might be a little stuffy.

Elegant curves are juxtaposed against precise rectangular angles to provide a fresh take on a traditional style.

Look for attractive items to add to your home.

Another approach to inject life into your coffee table’s design is to vary the heights of the various things on it.

Make three distinct heights by stacking things of various sizes or by stacking them higher on top of each other.

A little deliberate asymmetry, on the other hand, may be enthralling in its own right.

Candles and bouquets of flowers Two design staples that will assist your coffee table style reach new heights are flowers and taper candles, both of which are shown here.

Swedish designerMadeleine Salt used this concept to great advantage in this Stockholm home space.

It’s simple to be environmentally conscious.

Decorating your coffee table with a plant (flowers, a leafy planter or even an exotic cactus), a basic book (take off the jacket if the book is too cluttered), and a sleek metal or glass ornament is as easy as counting to three.

It’s important to note at this point that the style choices presented thus far are only one possible method.

This is especially beneficial for decorating a lengthy coffee table that would be difficult to fill with items otherwise.

The following example from Interior Design Journey demonstrates that an asymmetrical technique may be quite successful when the table is lovely in and of itself.

This aesthetic is also appropriate for circular tables.

Tables that are square in shape.

It is possible to create a more fascinating design by utilizing two pieces or groups, one in each corner, although this is not necessary.

Look for square coffee tables in furniture stores.

When it comes to designing a glass coffee table, keep in mind that it’s not just about what goes on top, but also about what goes underneath the surface.

Try a black-and-white rug with similarly stark accessories in a variety of shapes, or leave the top of the bed entirely nude and allow the rug be the star of the display.

If your coffee table includes a lower shelf, such as the one in this living room by Park and Oak Design, you are not need to fill both levels; but, if you do, consider arranging the things on each layer in a pleasing manner.

A tiny storage box with a cover or a small basket will help you keep the bottom level looking neat while also providing a place to store essentials such as remote controllers.

It helps if the table has an interesting curving form, like in this Swedish home designed by Alvhem MäkleriInteriör, because plants feel even more at ease on it.

Tables with upholstered seats.

Alternatively, for a more straightforward option, use a single serving tray topped with a glass vase or dish, asDavies Design Builddid here, and drape a blanket across the top to complete the appearance.

Similar Products may be found by browsing the web.

Final step: for the ultimate no-fail approach to decorating a coffee table, pair two books (one slightly smaller and thinner than the other) with a spherical glass vase, as seen below by designer Tobi Fairley.

Afterwards, you may fill the vase with affordable white florals, bright tulips, a votive candle, or absolutely nothing at all for a look that is very uncomplicated.

More information about Houzz How to Choose the Right Coffee Table Get inspiration for your living space. Locate a home improvement expert Decorate your home with these items.

How To Style And Decorate A Glass Coffee Table

What is the finest method to design and decorate a glass coffee table, and how can you do it quickly? We’ve looked around and done some research in order to come up with some of the most creative style options for this piece of furnishings. Whether your design aesthetic is modern, transitional, or classic, there is a creative way to incorporate a glass coffee table into your space. Your coffee table serves a practical purpose while also contributing to the overall appearance of the area. The following are the steps to style one:

  • Take into consideration your design scheme
  • Make a list of the items that must be on your coffee table
  • When it comes to coffee table design, decide how much or how little you want to spend. Pay close attention to the dimensions of your work. Consider the factors that influence one’s way of life.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these points in further depth below. What you might want to put beneath a glass coffee table, whether or not you can paint a glass coffee table, how to design a circular glass coffee table, and whether or not you can refinish a glass-top coffee table will also be discussed. Continue reading for more in-depth information and photographs!

Styling And Decorating Your Glass Coffee Table

A glass coffee table is a popular choice among interior designers because of its aesthetic lightness. The use of glass enables for the play of light and color to be seen through the table’s top, which prevents the table from becoming too weighty as a primary piece of furniture. Given the light and see-through character of the material, it is necessary to examine a few more considerations in addition to the light.

Consider Your Design Scheme

If you’re a fan of minimalism, you may not want much on your coffee table in the first place. Considering that the goal of your design choices is sleek sophistication, it may not make sense to have a large number of products on your coffee table. The coffee table in the minimalist room below has been left vacant by design. It exists to serve a function while it is being used for beverages and parties, but it is otherwise left vacant the vast majority of the time. For transitional spaces, a glass-topped coffee table with a hardwood base is a good option.

Below the glass on this coffee table are some shadow boxes, which you could fill with wonderful artifacts if you wanted to.

What Are Your Must-Haves For Your Coffee Table?

In other words, how do you intend to make use of it? Do you appreciate putting gorgeous books on display? Perhaps it is the location where you store your television remote or where you gather candles to establish the mood. Identifying what you require might assist you in making style options. An elegant metal tray, placed on top of this exquisite table, creates a defined area for a variety of candles and flowers. Keep your remote, cell phone, or any other tiny objects on your coffee table by putting them in a little ornamental box and placing it on top of your coffee table.

You might consider obtaining a glass-topped coffee table with a lower shelf so that the books will not lie on the table’s upper surface if you want to showcase art or photo books.

Even though they’ll be visible to visitors, they won’t take up crucial serving area on the tabletop. This table is available on Amazon by clicking here.

How Much Or How Little When It Comes To Coffee Table Decor

This does harken back to some of your earlier work. Minimalists may want to have nothing or only one or two artifacts on their coffee table, while others may prefer to have everything. However, if you’re a bit of a collector and enjoy displaying your wares, your coffee table may be an excellent location to do this. Make a decision on how much or how little you want to include into your style decisions.

Pay Attention To Proportions

This is true in almost every aspect of design. When it comes to furniture and tabletop pieces, the dimensions of your preferred pieces should complement one another. If you have a coffee table made of really delicate glass, you’ll generally want to keep things as basic as possible. A few of beautifully bound books and a few ornamental balls are all that is required to get this table’s design to the next level. This pack of moss balls can be purchased on Amazon for $19.99.

Are There Lifestyle Considerations To Take Into Account?

We’re talking kids and pets. We love them both, but they can definitely affect the sort of design decisions we make. Don’t style your beautiful glass-topped table with hand-blown vases or delicate orchids. Instead, think about using a nice basket or a wooden tray to hold a few must-have items for the coffee table. This way, you can easily move it out of harm’s way when your beloved youngsters come into the room. This coffee table tray even comes with some matching coasters. Of course, one of the great things about a glass-topped table is not having to worry about water rings that discolor wood.

Click here to see this tray on Amazon.

What Do You Put Under A Glass Coffee Table?

If you have a coffee table with a single shelf, the only object that will be beneath it will be the floor. A tiny pouf or two might be tucked below this area if you have the room. This may provide you with additional seats while also being aesthetically fascinating due to the glass top. See this page for more information about poufs: There are eight different types of living room poufs that you should be aware of. On Amazon, you can get these gold leather poufs by clicking here. You might also purchase some storage bins made of rattan or cloth to keep blankets, periodicals, or anything else you want readily available but not on top of the table in a more permanent location.

Can I Paint My Glass Coffee Table?

You can, in fact, do it. In a fantastic article by Krylon Spray Paint, they demonstrate how to use their Looking Glass paint to give glass-topped tables a unique aesthetic. Nothing more complicated than wiping the surface of your Looking Glass paint-covered table with alcohol to remove grease and smudges, then painting it with thin coats of your favorite Looking Glass paint color until you obtain the desired effect (being sure to allow each coat to dry between applications). Don’t forget to tape off your legs if you’re not painting them at the same time as the rest of your body.

This art style is essentially the process of creating a painting from the final details first to the final backdrop last. There are some stunning antique coffee tables that have been created using this innovative and particular technique.

How Do You Style A Glass Round Coffee Table?

This one is straightforward. Follow the same methods we’ve outlined for decorating a coffee table in general to get this look. The only situation in which you would assume otherwise is if you’re utilizing a tray. If you have a circular table, you may find that a round tray serves your needs better than a rectangular or square tray. This nesting set is the perfect place to display some beautiful house plants. This item is available on Amazon by clicking here.

How Do You Refinish A Glass-Top Coffee Table?

The glass on your coffee table may have been damaged or faded over time. It’s possible that you’re looking for a technique to refinish it. One approach that we discovered was the usage of toothpaste. Use a glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth to clean your windows and glass doors. Apply a little quantity of plain white toothpaste to the scrape and, using a washcloth, gently massage in circular motions over the area to remove the toothpaste. While pressing excessively hard, it is important to decrease the edges of the mark while avoiding producing more scratches.

If everything else fails, you may always visit your local glass store to see if they can assist you in replacing the glass on your coffee table.

Let Your Inspiration Flow

We hope that this article has provided you with some excellent beginning points for styling your glass coffee table. If you follow the straightforward thinking processes we’ve provided, you’ll have a fantastic starting point for your unique design project. If you loved this post on, please have a look at some of our other posts, which are listed below: Small living room furniture ideas that are both beautiful and functional. The following are 15 stunning living rooms with round rugs that you must see.

40 Stylish Coffee Table Setups We’d Love To Call Our Own

The right coffee table for your living room or family room has finally been discovered by you. All that remains is for you to add the appropriate amount of ornamental embellishments to make it stand out. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we understand and have been there too! However, decorating a coffee table does not have to be difficult. While it may appear tough to gather accessories and figure out how to arrange them in the most effective manner, the key is to concentrate on creating an arrangement that appeals to your own style.

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To assist you in your design process, we’ve gathered examples of a wide range of coffee table layouts that will appeal to a variety of aesthetics.

You’ll feel well prepared to face your own space after enjoying the photographs below, regardless of whether your style is minimalist, maximalist, or somewhere in between.

Display Some Fresh Florals

the design studio of BellaFlynn The presence of fresh flowers can make a significant impact in a place. Adding an arrangement of pink flowers to your living room, as seen above, will give it a much-needed boost.

Are you unable to purchase flowers every week? Don’t worry, you can get away with using synthetic flowers that appear like the genuine thing. Added points if you already have a beautiful vase in your possession that will add a touch of elegance. Continue reading on page 2 of 40.

Keep It Balanced

The @houseof4blue team recommends mixing and matching different textures to create an eye-catching display. On this table, a porcelain bowl, a wooden chain, and a few pieces of flora work together well. A bust sculpture transformed into a planter provides a traditional feature with a modern touch to the space. Continue reading on page 3 of 40.

Say Oui

Meghan Donovan is a young woman who lives in New York City. Do you have a strong attachment to a certain city or region? Make a coffee table ornament out of it; a croissant trinket, for example, will immediately bring to mind lazy days spent in Paris anytime you look at it. There’s no need to travel far when you can reminisce about a beloved area right from the comfort of your own home. Continue to the next page, number 4 of 40.

Flip Open a Book

S Interior Design is responsible for the interior design. Make use of those coffee table books by opening a favorite and making a note of a page you especially like. As a result, guests will be more likely to go through your collection of favorite titles rather than simply perceiving them as ornamental things on display. The concept of employing a stylish wooden chain as a paperweight is also appealing to us. Continue to the next section, number 5 of 40.

Get Coastal

Kylie Redden is a model and actress. Decorate your room with coral and blue and white accents to give it a gentle beach feel—porcelain is always in trend. The arrangement shown above is a fantastic illustration of how to pay homage to a topic without going crazy. Continue to the following page, number 6 of 40.

Play With Height

Mounira Giacco is a model and actress. The use of two pots is preferable to the use of one, especially when they are of varying heights and offer color and dimension to your table, as we can see in the image above. You can’t go wrong with these, whether you fill them with branches or leave them empty (or do a combination of the two!). Continue to the following page, number 7 of 40.

Be Neutral

Maria Selecting simply black and white elements for your coffee table will keep everything looking clean and uncluttered. You shouldn’t mistake choosing black and white décor for being a minimalist, though; this space is nonetheless full of curiosity and fun despite its simplicity. Continue to the next page, number 8 of 40.

Light It Up

Elena Keep those candles and diffusers out on display so that you’re always prepared to transform your house into a fragrant refuge at a moment’s notice. Keeping fragrances contained on a tray is a fantastic method to keep your setup looking neat and orderly. Don’t feel that you have to limit yourself to just one candle; instead, consider displaying a full collection to ensure that there is always something different to look at. Continue to the next page, number 9 of 40.

Try a Tray

Blanchette Nelson is a woman who lives in the United States.

An achic tray is all that is required to transform an ottoman into a classic coffee table. Choose a color that will stand out against the fabric of the ottoman. Gold is always a safe bet since it has the ability to withstand the test of time. Continue to the next page, number 10 of 40.

Fill a Bowl

Jenny It doesn’t matter if you fill huge ornamental bowls with potpourri, imitation fruit, or a seasonal accent such as pinecones; the possibilities for what you may keep within are virtually endless. In fact, altering your setup every month, if you so like, may be part of the enjoyment. Allow the entire family to participate in deciding the next topic. Continue to the next page, number 11 of 40.

Showcase a Collection

Meryl King is a well-known actress. If you have a modest collection of items, such as matchbooks from your favorite restaurants, you may set up a particular display on your coffee table to showcase them. Matchbooks are particularly useful since they not only come in handy while entertaining, but they also serve as excellent conversation starters when guests drop by. Continue to the next page, number 12 of 40.

Get Natural

BarbElements that remind us of nature will let us bring the outside in all year long—and there will be no upkeep required! A trinket dish in the shape of a false antler and a leaf adds an earthy touch to this coffee table, which continues to page 13 of 40 below.

Add a Pedestal

A pedestal coffee table is a fantastic choice for individuals who want to give their living room a little more oomph. Make use of it to make your style stand out even more and to provide depth to your presentation. It can also assist to prevent long plants from drooping too low to the ground. Continue to the next page, number 14 of 40.

Opt for Olive Branches

Savannah Olive branches are a timeless decoration that bring a sense of coziness to any area in which they are placed. In the event that you do not have enough space in your living room for a complete tree or a taller plant, branches are a great alternative that will look great on a coffee table. Continue to the next page, number 15 of 40.

Keep it Simple

Shirin AbdollahiSimple doesn’t have to imply sterile, and neither does sterility. If you are not inclined to style every inch of your coffee table, that is perfectly OK. Choose a few eye-catching items in a variety of heights and textures, and you’ll be in good shape. Continue to page 16 of 40 for more.

Light a Little Lamp

Natascha Having already discussed our fondness for candles on the coffee table, it turns out that small lights may be just as charming as candles on the table. Invest in a tiny battery-operated light that will provide a soft glow to your room throughout the day. • Continue to the next page, number 17 of 40.

Have Fun With Layout

Adriana Garst is a model and actress. Make use of your coffee table’s fascinating form and design each little surface to reflect your unique personality if it has a distinctive arrangement. Isn’t it true that more surfaces equal greater style potential? Continue to the next page, number 18 of 40.

Set Out a Cloche

Anna Straw is a British actress and writer. Even the most common candle will be elevated and transformed into something far more luxurious with the addition of a lovely cloche.

Combine this set-up with a unique match holder (vintage-inspired alternatives are always a good choice) and you’ll be well prepared to invite friends for a relaxing night in. Continue to the next page, number 19 of 40.

Bust Out Those Candle Holders

Christina Toth is a writer who lives in New York City. Candle holders are a charming addition to any coffee table, even when they are not in use. Choose ones that have a certain amount of retro appeal about them, and you’ll be sure to garner praises. Vintage and antique stores, as well as flea markets and auctions, are excellent sources for brass items such as the ones seen above. Continue to the next page, number 20 of 40.

Have Fun With Dried Leaves

LauraDried leaves or blossoms are equally as beautiful as their fresh counterparts in terms of appearance. An large palm leaf makes a bold statement while yet blending in seamlessly with the rest of the room’s bland décor. And it’ll last for a very long time. Continue to the next page, number 21 of 40.

Grab Some Boxes

Decorating storage boxes are beneficial all around the house, but they are especially excellent for storing frequent causes of coffee table clutter, as Malisa explains. When not in use, use them to store remote controls and cords, and notice how much better your mood improves when you aren’t continuously gazing at various technological devices! Continue to the next page, number 22 of 40.

Showcase Your Green Friends

Casa Watkins is a retirement community. Plant addicts will find the coffee table to be ideal real estate. Allow a handful of your favorite green pals to take center stage by placing them in a prominent position on your coffee table. Just be careful not to go crazy, because otherwise all of the leaves will begin to blur together and block your vision of the rest of the room. Continue to the next page, number 23 of 40.

Choose Complementary Pieces

Tiffany Barino is a model and actress. Why not choose accents that are complementary to the finish of your coffee table to complete the look? To complement a glass or lucite item, for example, choose accessories that are comparable in appearance, as we can see in this case. Continue to the next page, number 24 of 40.

Group Your Ginger Jars

Austin Leigh Interiors is a design firm based in Austin, Texas. A treasured collection of objects should be displayed and enjoyed regularly, rather than being saved for special occasions. In case you’re a fan of Mason jars, arrange a couple of your favorite pieces on your coffee table, where you can also use them as vase fillers if you’d like. Continue to the next page, number 25 of 40.

Print Some Pics

Olaniyi S. is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. Photos of loved ones that will make you smile should be printed out (or dug out from your family’s picture albums). Because printed photographs are becoming increasingly scarce in our homes, having a few favorites on your coffee table will serve as a constant reminder of cherished occasions and people you don’t get to see very frequently in person anymore. Continue to the next page, number 26 of 40.

Show Off Your Succulents

Brie In the event that full-blown plant displays aren’t your style, you can still include flashes of green into your decor by grouping a few tiny plant pots or succulents together on your coffee table.

Featuring candles and macrame, the boho-inspired setting seen above is a favorite of ours. Continue reading on page 27 of 40.

Get Sculptural

When it comes to coffee table décor, sculptures such as textured spheres are ideal, especially when one’s aesthetic is more modern and simple. The rest of the surface should be kept clean and uncluttered by grouping a couple of them together. Continue to the next page, number 28 of 40.

Stack It Up

Cathie Hong Interiors is a design firm based in Hong Kong. Sometimes all you need is a nice, old-fashioned stack of books to get you through the day. Maintain the appearance of your display by changing the names with each season or to represent a certain theme (for example, travel, fashion, cocktails, etc.) to ensure that the arrangement does not get stale. Continue to the next page, number 29 of 40.

Play to Your Surroundings

Domm Dot Com is an abbreviation for Domm Dot Com. Those that have a more crowded living room may want to keep their coffee table design to a bare minimum. The major focal point of this room is a wall of books, so a coffee table with a simple design helps to balance out the rest of the area. Continue reading to page 30 of 40 below.

Bust a Move

We swear that Lowe SaddlerBust sculptures aren’t exclusively for bookcases! Choose a favorite statue and place him or her on your coffee table for a brief period of time. Who says your house can’t have the appearance of a museum? Continue to the next page, number 31 of 40.

Get Sneaky

Alvin Wayne is a fictional character created by writer Alvin Wayne. An inexpensive pair of binoculars or a magnifying glass instantly transforms any coffee table into a pleasant place to hang out (and makes gazing across the street to catch glimpses of your neighbor’s lovely puppy all the more convenient). Continue to the following page, number 32 of 40.

Break Out the Beads

Interior Impressions is owned and operated by Amy Leferink. If you’re looking for coffee table decor, woven beads are a popular alternative, and they look well in a variety of environments. What’s nice about this accent is that it can be used in a variety of settings, including bohemian, classic, and coastal—the key is in the design. Continue reading on page 33 of 40.

Bring Nature Indoors

Ashley Montgomery Design is a firm that specializes in interior design. Keep branches and berries on the coffee table over the holiday season to make it look festive and festive. Put some in a big serving dish and you’re good to go. Spritz living branches with water several times a week to keep them looking lovely and fresh throughout the week. Continue to the next page, number 34 of 40.

Try a Nontraditional Vase

Interior Design by Charbonneau If you’re looking for something a little different, choose a vase that isn’t your typical vase. Each stem will have its own place to call home. This can result in a one-of-a-kind sculptural exhibit that can also serve as a work of art. Continue to the next page, number 35 of 40.

Get Rocky

Chelius House of Design is a design firm based in Chelius, New York. It is not necessary to have a geode, crystal, or other comparable object in your house to be considered boho or new-age.

Adding these pebbles to a coffee table layout may instantly transform a space and provide a pop of color that is difficult to match elsewhere. Continue to the next page, number 36 of 40.

Be Bare

Charlie Coull Design is an architectural firm based in New York City. If you want to start with a blank slate, you may always choose to leave your table completely unfilled. This may be especially useful for those who live in tiny apartments and whose coffee tables serve numerous functions throughout the day, switching from an eating area to an office in a matter of minutes. Maintaining a well-decorated area throughout the remainder of your home is essential in order to avoid the appearance of having only recently moved in to your new home.

Set Out a Sculpture

Design by Charlie Coull In the event that you would like a blank slate, you may simply leave your table completely empty. This may be particularly useful for those who live in tiny apartments and whose coffee tables serve several functions throughout the day, transforming from an eating area to an office in a matter of minutes. Maintaining a well-decorated area throughout the remainder of your home is essential in order to avoid the appearance of having only recently moved in to your new residence.

Set Out a Game

Victoria Bell Interiors is a company that specializes in interior design. Your choice between an achessboard and a conventional Monopoly box is entirely up to you. It’s a good idea to keep a game or two on display to promote playfulness—and bonus points if you can pick one that’s visually appealing. Continue reading to page 39 of 40 below.

Try a Trinket Box

Tyler Karu is a young man who aspires to be a professional wrestler. A little trinket box guarantees that any loose things (buttons, change, and the like) do not accumulate on your coffee table and cause it to look cluttered. Never before has organization appeared to be so fashionable! Continue to the next page, number 40 of 40.

Think Outside

Sands of Whiteness Make sure to decorate your outdoor coffee table as well! A few potted plants and a tray for beverages will make lounging in the sun a breeze.

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